How to Avoid Forex Fraud – Choose the Right Broker

How to Avoid Forex Fraud - Choose the Right Broker

Even if trading and scams go hand in hand, as luck would have it, it is possible to trade without any risk on a serious trading site.

For this, it is necessary to check two crucial points:

  • Check the license number on the website of the regulation in question; to ensure that your broker isn’t on the blacklist of illegal financial activity sites.
  • Check on the official website that your broker is authorized to offer financial services, and that it isn’t a financial bar.

How to Avoid Forex Fraud - Choose the Right Broker

When performing these checks, pay particular attention to the spelling of the broker’s name – illegal sites often use a name similar to that of a regulated professional broker and seriously changing only a few letters – it’s a matter of identity theft.

Other than the names of brokers, some scammers also use the names of popular companies and also their website addresses. They adopt the similar names and similar websites to take benefit of our seriousness and good reputation.

Also do double check if the website of financial company is blacklisted by the official security and exchange commission, for example.

Finally, to avoid falling into the latest type of computer trading scam detected, the recommendations are:

  • Do not share the passwords to your bank and investment accounts with third parties
  • Do not allow remote access to your computing devices
  • Do not start a session to operate with your accounts if there’s a third party connected
  • Do not use VPN services to hide your IP and enter web pages blocked to IP from your location.

In case of any forex trading scam, it is easier to complain about any scan but it is not possible to get money back in all cases.

Conclusion – Trading, scam or not?

So if there is trading, are there forex trading scams? Not intrinsically.

There are several regulated and reliable brokers, the reliability of which can be verified on the official website.

Trading certainly involves risks, but it is a serious and legal activity whose image is unfortunately tarnished by the online trading scam.

To ensure that you do not become a victim of forex trading scam, always hire the services of a regulated and professional broker that has positive reviews online and that is 100% clear in its compliance policies.

The lure of quick and easy money will be ubiquitous always, so the most significant thing you can do is realize what it really takes to be successful in Forex trading.

Best Ways to Protect Your CryptoCurrency

Best Ways to Protect Your CryptoCurrency

Safety is one of the top reasons why the majority of people tend to buy Cryptocurrency. They assume it as the most protected money form. The statement is true, but not all the time. No doubt, cryptocurrency brings more privacy and protection as compared to other forms of currency. Nevertheless, proper security measures should be taken to keep your cryptocurrency perfectly secure. In this write-up, you will discover the top three ways to look after your cryptocurrency investment.

Best Ways to Protect Your CryptoCurrency

Instantly Transfer to Wallet

Hackers try their best to attack exchange accounts. That’s the reason why cryptocurrency exchanges are always vulnerable to thefts. Leaving your cryptocurrency in the exchange account can be hazardous. Although advanced encryption makes it harder for hackers to break into any exchange, yet chances of attacks are always there. The best practice is to instantly transfer your cryptocurrency to your wallet. Don’t leave funds in your crypto account for a longer period.

Get Hardware Wallets

If you are looking for the best wallets to store your cryptocurrency, then hardware wallets are a perfect choice. Trustworthy crypto platforms such as Genesis11 strongly recommend using paper or hardware wallets. They are created just to protect Bitcoin and other similar types of cryptocurrencies. Those who look for an alternative can get paper wallets. Both of these wallets are not online. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the safety of your crypto funds. Hackers won’t be able to do any harm until you add money back to your online account.

Keep Changing Your Password

You might think that creating a password is no rocket science, but it needs your attention. Try to think of a long password that includes different characters, numbers, lower and capital letters. Creating a tough password is not the only thing that you should take care of. Make a habit of changing your password regularly. This will minimize the chances of theft or security breaches. Setting daily reminders to change the password is a good idea. Many computers have password managers, which can help you create strong random passwords.

Don’t Use Your Regular Email Address

Your regular email address must be shared with a lot of people. Your cryptocurrency could be at great risk if this gets hacked. That’s why try to create a separate email address solely for crypto purposes. Check out the Genesis11 review for in-depth info on crypto security. The email address you create should not include any information about yourself. Avoid using your name or any other info that can work as a hint for hackers.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Never forget to enable two-factor authentication on all of your cryptocurrency accounts. With that enabled, you’ll receive a verification code every time you log in to your account. This code can be sent either to your cell phone or email. You will have to enter the received code to successfully log in to your crypto account. It adds extra security layers to your account and makes it foolproof.

Phptrader Is The Easiest Trading Bot Among Existing Bots


In today’s digital world, there are numerous ways to comfortably generate passive income at home. But it’s clear that some methods are much better than others. What we are going to introduce relates to cryptocurrency. Because, as everyone knows, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future.


Did you know that bitcoin in your wallet can actually accumulate wealth for you? I can increase Bitcoin while I sleep. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s actually true. But after reading this article, you can decide for yourself.

Let’s talk about trading bots. First, they’re not new. Institutional investors on Wall Street have been used over the years to increase the fund’s equity and high net asset value and associated with celebrities such as Bitcoin. But for the first time, a cutting-edge trading algorithm in the world of stock trading has been applied to cryptocurrency, creating one of the most powerful asset creation tools on the market.

PHPtrader arbitrage bot

Today, we’re going to evaluate PHPtrader, an online trading company that has innovative technology and can trade easily and safely. PHP’s profit-taking bot is a cutting-edge AGI technology that can detect nearly 99% of variables and minimize losses, and bots are a state-of-the-art technology that can judge various processes and variables and make immediate transactions. With these technologies, the risk of loss can generate low and stable returns.

Arbitrage is one of the most successful strategies. And PHPtrader is very diverse. At any time, PHPtrader’s profit-taking bot maintains 11 cryptocurrency exchanges, enjoying the benefits of transparency and security unique to its next-generation platform, blockchain, while providing a level of speed and reliability that has never been seen before. In addition, our system, hosted in a high-speed data center, can automatically evaluate the spread and complete real-time revenue-generating transactions to realize profits as soon as encryption market opportunities arise.

The easiest trading bot among existing bots

As part of PHPtrader’s democratization philosophy, it focuses on ease of use and simplicity. This is why profit-taking bots differentiate themselves from many other widely used cryptocurrency bots. They compared Wow Cryptohopper and Coinrule, it’s clear PHPtrader wins when it comes to its usefulness: 3Commas, Cryptohopper, and Coinrule all look interesting, but they all need advanced technical training for their users. You need to set up a bot, set up transaction rules and parameters, and know-how to connect foreign exchange accounts. PHPtrader doesn’t need any of these.

To use PHPtrader, you deposit your money cryptocurrency and then sit back and relax. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced users who want to benefit from advanced AI-based algorithms without thinking too much time.

Much better than the largest cryptocurrency index fund, which requires minimum deposit requirements and administrative fees.

No administrative fees-pay only when you raise profits

PHPtrader is confident about the technology enough to pay only a fee equivalent to the user’s income. In other words, if you don’t get anything, so does PHPtrader.

Who is PHPtrader for?

The company introduced bots to detect a very rapid difference in cryptocurrency prices as a company that wants to create an environment where even those who have no experience in profit-taking can make profits from capital gains. This allows bots to buy quickly at a lower price in one market and sell them to other cryptocurrency markets at a higher price.

PHPtrader is best suited for people who focus on the long term. As a short-term game, it is ideal not as an ideal but as a medium- to long-term growth tool. This period will bring the biggest profit.

if you are looking for buy postage with crypto services

Algorithmic Trading and AI Trading

Algorithmic Trading and AI Trading

Technology has revolutionized everything, and when we talk about technology, we cannot skip Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is being implemented at Bixo Trade. AI is whereby machines simulate human intelligence, such that they are programmed to think and act like humans, but now more efficiently. With AI, machines can also do learning and problem solving just like humans.


AI has been used in many industries including trading. Electronic trades account for almost half of the total revenues from cash equity trading. Most companies such as hedge funds, Crypto/Forex, use AI-powered analysis to get investment ideas and build portfolios.

AI makes it easy to analyze data and execute trades at the best price. Through AI, analysts can be able to forecast markets with more accuracy. It is also easier for traders and investment firms to efficiently mitigate risks for higher returns.

Algorithmic Trading and AI Trading

AI-powered trading raises new questions:

As much as AI has been believed to be the solution to trading technologies, there are still questions about what it can do. When it comes to market prices, it has to be predicted by AI as they are mostly random. Prices cannot be predicted as the market is very volatile. That makes machine-learning based predictions not to be very accurate hence may not be the best for automated trading. That has made traders opt for quant trading strategies such as arbitrage trading and high-frequency trading. They rely on a sequence of predictable behaviors and biases.

How profitable are the best stock trading algorithms?

Algorithmic trading is whereby you set certain conditions such as price and market conditions and once the preset conditions are met, a computer program automatically trades at high speeds and volume. A computer program is used to execute the trade as it can do it more efficiently and fast as compared to a human. It can be done at a high frequency and speed that may be impossible to do in person.

The preset conditions may be the time, price, quantity, or any other market condition. Algo trading has also been used to increase efficiency as it rules out the possibility of human emotions on the trade, making the market more liquid, and the trading more systematic.

The best stock trading algorithms are more profitable compared to traditional human trading. There are many automated trading strategies in the market and they all come with different price tags. When estimating the returns, do not skip on inflation which is normally a rate of about 2% a year.

It is hard to have all the inside information on the profitable algorithm as most people who have developed one keep it a secret. That explains why most large-scale quantitative investment firms such as Bixo Trade are secretive about their trading algorithms as they take it as their secret sauce.

What is the difference between AI trading and Algo trading?

Algo trading is whereby a computer program follows a set of instructions set to execute a trade. AI trading, on the other hand, is whereby machine learning is used to observe, study and analyze market conditions, trading patterns, and data, then predict what will happen.

In Algo trading, it is a human who sets the conditions that should be met. With AI, artificial intelligence is used to set conditions after going through different parameters and analyzing them

How is machine learning used in finance?

Machine learning has been used for identifying complex trading patterns across different markets in real-time. It takes advantage of its high speed and big data processing power to give real-time updates. That explains why it is used in wall street and the United States in general.

The finance industry has taken advantage of technology to analyze conversions and financial data. That makes it easy to sift through relevant notes and large amounts of data and make market insights in real-time.

Bixo Trade is using the AI system to process data to rank stocks. The company uses AI for pattern recognition and price forecasting so that it can be able to provide high return to its investors. It uses AI algorithms to make its portfolios.

Machine learning has helped finance companies to come up with algorithmic trading strategies that have helped to solve investment challenges. It has made it easy to analyze data without necessarily having in-house expertise.

AI trading companies, again such as Bixo Trade have an AI system that works in three phases, the first is a strategy where observation and analysis of potential trades are done, the second one is where orders are created and the third is where active orders are implemented and machine learning is used to analyze performance.

Machine learning has been used by investment companies for coming up with strategies such as intelligent asset allocation for deep learning and prediction of different assets of a particular portfolio. Machine learning has been used for creating a fully autonomous trading system without requiring any updates or adjustments.

How to start with algorithmic trading using machine learning?

For starters, to do algorithmic trading using machine learning, you need to have coding skills. Once you know to code, you can then learn on the different machine learning techniques such as classification, clustering, and regression.
When machine learning and algorithmic trading are integrated, you have to set the instructions to the computer and machine learning changes those set conditions according to the market conditions. Even though neural networks work, with machine learning you don’t have to monitor the conditions to set them for algo-trading.

Machine learning algorithms are therefore the solution to trading. Even though they are not very accurate, they are very accurate especially for making predictions on price movements of stock.

A Solution for Crypto and Forex investors.

Bixo Trade takes advantage of AI in trading as it acknowledges that AI will never be on the same level as human trading. It uses advanced AI trading tools to make sure that trading is highly profitable. It monitors and analyzes many potential trades to explore low-risk opportunities available. You get a trader-operated artificial intelligence managed trading account with over 100% compound return guaranteed regardless of the market condition.

Benjamin Gimson explains types of Online Trading

Benjamin Gimson explains types of Online Trading.

What Is Trading?

Trading means exchanging one thing for another that will be different types of goods, commodities, fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

Online trading is basically the buying and selling of financial products via different online platforms known as exchanges. These platforms are mostly centralized and controlled by a few people. The trading exchanges are available to everyone (some exceptions are there) those who want to trade financial products.

The online exchanges provide financial products including company shares, Commodities, Indices, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. Forex and cryptocurrency markets have gained a lot of interest from the users because of their volatility and unique features.

Benjamin Gimson explains types of Online Trading.

Different Types of Trading

There are 5 types of trading:

  1. Intraday
  2.  Swing
  3.  Position
  4.  Fundamental
  5.  Technical

Intraday Trading ( Day trader )

An Intraday trader usually executes all his trade in the beginning of the day (morning) and closes at the end of the day, whether it will be in profit or loss.They just hold trades for the entire day. This type of trader uses 1H to 4H chart time frame for trading.


  • Just have to hold the position for a day so no extra charges should be paid.
  • It minimizes the loss and less time to analyze the market.
  • Earning (Profit & Loss) will be on a daily basis.


  • The trader has to maintain stop loss multiple times.
  • They should be in touch with the market every time because of some news or indication of wrong trades or reversal points.

Swing Trading

A Swing Trader is typically a trend hunting trader. They usually find trade whether it is bullish or bearish and capture its swing high and low. They execute trades after broke or get rejection from swing high or swing low respectively. Time Frame for this type of trader is 30m – 1H. They hold trades for an entire day or a week in worst cases.


  • It gives short-term profit.
  • It requires very less time as compared to Intraday trading.
  • it has a good probability of winning trades with moderate R2R (Risk to Reward).


  • Swing traders may not ride the full trend and book partial profits.
  • As a trader has to hold for a day to a week, the market may change its trend which leads to a proper loss.

Position Trading

A position Trader has been just like a Hodler, a trader analyzes the security once for the long term and holds the position for a week to several months. This type of trader uses 1W to 1M timeframe.

This also gives relaxation from daily charting and executing trades.

Note: Don’t confuse between Position trader and Investor, they both are different.


  • Reduces Screen time from regular analyzing charts.
  • Reduces fees on trading because we are only executing 2-3 trades for several months.
  • The most important one is that salarymen can also do position trading because you don’t have to stick to your screen the whole day every day.
  • Probability is profit and lower risk much higher than any trading style.


  • Requires huge patience for a longer time.
  • Funds are locked for a longer period of time, the exit may tend to lose or can exit in break even.
  • Requires good knowledge and accuracy on trading.

Fundamental Trading (FA):

A fundamental Trader refers to those traders who trade on news events. They execute trades before that news event, predicting the market or trades during the news at his release time.

They usually trade on 1H to the 4H timeframe. This type of trading is quite risky because predicting the market is quite difficult and may hit your stop loss easily.


  • Larger movement is smaller time that gives instant profit or loss.
  • Don’t have to give much time to analyze.


  • The market may move in a particular direction but may hit you both SELL LIMIT and BUY LIMIT because the market is too volatile at that time.
  • Sometimes there is no clear information about the event or eventually, maybe it’s a piece of false news also.
  • Sometimes markets may spike up before the news is out and you can miss that trade.

Technical Analysis (TA) Trading

A Technical Trader totally depends on the previous information provided by the market. The professional Technical trader uses Support and Resistance on a naked chart to trade some use indicators and some use an algorithmic robot.

Technical Analysis also comes with a variety of trading strategies ex: Chart patterns, Range trading, trend trading, etc. This type of trader uses anytime for 5 m to 1d and hold unless found reversal or stop loss hit.

Recommendation – Learn Price Action for professional trading.


  • Have an eye on the market, catch every movement and maximize profit.
  • Simpler and easier if you are interested in your mental health.


  • Greediness and emotions can override your mind.
  • Have to learn many indicators, chart patterns and all on your own or have to go for a paid course which costs a couple of thousands of dollars.
  • Precision is required because may or may not your trade is correct, but through the retracement, the market may hit your stop loss.
  • Requires longer practice before step into real trading.

All Above written is based on my experience, observation and market learning during real trading. (Benjamin Gimson)