As healthcare costs continue to escalate in Western countries, there are more healthcare options available at competitive rates in the Asian and Middle East countries. Over the last decade and a half, Dubai healthcare market, the number of domestic and foreign healthcare institutions have risen significantly, leading to high demand for skilled healthcare professionals and specialists.

More new hospitals and clinics are being set up around the newly built apartments and hotels, such as the Port De La Mer apartments for sale. These areas have some good hospitals and professional clinics around it.  Hospitals and clinics in Dubai are designed to international standards and are fitted with the latest technical and diagnostic equipment. Also, registered nurses are provided attractive employment packages to encourage them to work in Dubai, particularly those with specialist skills, such as physiotherapy, intensive treatment, or as operators.


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has extended its vision for complete regulation of the healthcare sector in Dubai by offering a focus on health care services to both private and national institutions. In line with expected growth in the healthcare sector in Dubai, the DHA has launched a foreign income recruitment effort overseas for more than 500 eligible healthcare professionals from countries like India, the Philippines and Jordan.

Many Dubai-owned hospitals have attractive compensation packages for skilled nursing staff, including fair pay, shared housing, and annual tickets to return once a year to their homelands. Additional costs for their nurses, other than long-haul telephone charges, may be paid for by certain facilities, such as the American Hospital Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is an enticing destination for those looking for jobs in the nursing industry, as many people have an opportunity to gain valuable experience abroad while enjoying tax-free revenues from a world-class facility in a city with a vibrant medical community.


If you already have finished your nursing practice and are seeking employment in Dubai, a general list of requirements for nursing professionals in the Emirate is given below:

  • A graduate degree of nursing with documentation provided
  • Preferred career experience of at least one year
  • Preferred employers not past the age of 35
  • No criminal records

Few more options where you can find jobs are:


Although it is an appropriate start to apply for employment agencies, it must be a little more ambitious and diligent to find a well-paid nursing job. Here are some tips for finding a nursing place in Dubai.

  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a governmental initiative to facilitate the provision of all health-related facilities in the city. The DHCC website is a perfect starting point for those who seek treatment because all of its hospitals and medical facilities are constantly in need of trained nurses to do their work.
  • Recruitment Agencies: A lot in Dubai covers all sorts of professions. As an applicant for employment in the nursing field, the curriculum vitae should be submitted to recruiting sites that hire for medical and health care positions in particular.


Other respectable workplaces, among those in the health sector, can be helpful in the shortlist of positions available. The following places of work were filtered so that you could go straight to medical positions in Dubai.

  • Bayt
  • Indeed
  • GulfTalent
  • LinkedIn


Hospitals and nursing homes are also some of the best places for nurses. Many of them are enormous organisations that employ 100 applicants per year. Some of Dubai’s leading hospitals and hospitals are:

  • Emaar HealthCare – Emaar Healthcare’s subsidiary, Emaar Properties Group is engaged in the creation and management of globally renowned healthcare clinics and hospitals.
  • NMC Specialty Hospitals – NMC has developed from a small private clinic and drugstore in Abu Dhabi to provide medical services in 12 institutions across four emirates in the UAE, as one of the biggest private sector healthcare services providers in the UAE.
  • Dubai Hospital – The Dubai Hospital provides patients with the best in care in a broad variety of fields, including ophthalmology, radiology, endocrinology and physiotherapy.
  • Cedars Jebel Ali – Founded in 1999, Cedars Jebel Ali is committed to providing its patients throughout the Emirate with best privately operated healthcare.
  • Ghodousi Medical Center – The Ghodousi Medical Center is the leading provider of dental care in the Emirate with a highly qualified dental team.

These were some of the options where you can easily apply for a job if you have already completed your nursing education and found a reasonable job in the Emirates. There are some more new hospitals near the District One villas for sale in Dubai you can search about them and apply there too.