Coinbase, the publicly traded online cryptocurrency platform in the United States, has partnered with consumer banking firm Standard Chartered to allow its Singapore customers to easily move funds to and from their wallets using any local bank in Singapore. Coinbase has also devised a “2-click” user sign-up method, which makes it simpler for clients to sign up for the service, thanks to the integration of Singpass.

Singpass Integration with Coinbase

Coinbase announced the launch of “free bank transfers and Singpass integration” on Twitter on March 15.

Hassan Ahmed, Coinbase’s Director in Singapore, noted in a blog post that the company’s enhanced retail platform and new strategic collaboration with Standard Chartered have been centered on offering clients a “seamless, secure, and convenient experience.”

According to reports, Ahmed provided insight into Coinbase’s functionality, resolving consumers’ worries. Additionally, he quickly described the existence of Coinbase Learning, a vast library of tools meant to teach clients about the crypto economy and give suggestions for properly navigating the market. “We know that investing in the crypto market may be hard,” Ahmed added, “which is why we developed Coinbase Learning.”

Customer queries resolved instantly

It is important to note that the company has improved its Help Center in response to clients’ questions. The improved version of the Help Center is designed to clear up any questions or concerns that users may have by providing them with various options, such as live chat.

Furthermore, Ahmed shared further details about Coinbase’s In-Principle Approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Payment Services Act, which allows the company to offer regulated Digital Payment Token services in Singapore.

This comes after it was recently claimed that Coinbase and a few other wallet addresses were given around one billion dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) by the government of the United States.