Over the course of years, Binance has managed to earn itself the status of being one of the largest entities in the entire crypto-verse.

According to many cryptos and mainstream market observers, Binance currently has the most prominent recognition when it comes to representing the crypto-verse.

Binance Knows its Position

Binance already knows what importance it has in the cryptocurrency industry and it has a great amount of influence in almost the entire crypto industry.

Despite having so much power and dominance in the crypto industry, Binance is never seen bragging about its status. Instead, the exchange finds itself highly responsible for keeping the entire industry together.

For years, the crypto exchange has tried its best to make sure that the crypto industry keeps moving in the right direction.

However, there are mishaps and events taking place every now and then that are troublesome for the crypto market. Such events have been hampering the overall reputation of the crypto-verse.

Crypto Investors are panicked

At the moment, the entire crypto industry is facing cold weather and there is no recovery in sight.

Even if it could be said things had the chance to move in the right direction, the Terra and FTX collapse killed all those opportunities.

Due to recent events, the entire crypto market is in a panicked situation. Investors have become very sensitive to even the slightest of downward movements.

Whenever they notice a slight downtrend, they start panicking and to save themselves from further losses, start selling the crypto in their holdings.

These kinds of sentiments are only making the situation worse and the entire market is suffering because of it.

Binance CEO has a Message

Being the CEO of Binance, Changpeng (CZ) Zhao has felt the responsibility of sending a message across the crypto industry.

He has tried to make the crypto industry realize how important it is to stay confident and patient. As per him, the FTX and Terra crashes have been cruel to the entire crypto industry but it is not the end.

The crypto industry is much bigger than these two entities and it will eventually get through the difficult times. He has urged the entire crypto industry not to panic and keep holding onto their crypto.

CZ is also among the most influential personalities in the crypto industry. His words will definitely be taken as strong advice by the entire crypto industry.

Zhao is the one who proposed the idea of launching a crypto industry recovery fund and has already filled the fund with $2 billion.

With this move, Zhao has tried making the crypto industry an insured and secure platform for users.