With the ongoing downtrend of the overall cryptocurrency market, many have found themselves questioning whether they should have become part of the cryptocurrency industry or not.

As the situation of the crypto market has continued worsening, traditional financial institutions and regulators have started to use it in their favor.

They are now making people believe that the cryptocurrency industry has no future and that the situation may not recover from the current downtrend.

The Global Economy Says Otherwise

While traditional institutions and governments from around the world are trying to keep people away from cryptocurrencies, they are witnessing a completely opposite public reaction.

As the global economic situation has also worsened proportionally to the cryptocurrency industry, people know that the current downfall is not entirely because of cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency industry is now being heavily influenced by macroeconomic downtrends. This has made people realize that it is not just the cryptocurrency market but the entire global economy that is moving downwards.

This means that people are not ready to lose their confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies. Instead, their confidence has risen even more in cryptocurrencies and their potential to make them billionaires in the long run.

Harris Poll Results are Promising

Harris Poll reportedly carried out a survey in the month of July to gather feedback from cryptocurrency investors to get their opinion on crypto’s future.

The survey reached out to almost 2,000 Americans who are currently investing in cryptocurrencies to know where they see cryptocurrencies in near future.

The survey results gathered from American crypto investors were quite surprising and promising for the crypto community.

71% of Investors are Optimistic

The survey results showed that out of the total participants, 71% of participating cryptocurrency investors were optimistic about cryptocurrencies.

They believed that the cryptocurrency industry is extremely promising and it may continue gaining more traction in the future.

As per 71% of participants, they are confident that they have the right tools and assets to become billionaires in the future.

Expectations of other Online Investors

The same survey was carried out among other online trades with their assets in mind. Surprisingly, the combined results of other trades such as stocks, commodities, forex, and more were only able to produce 44%, optimistic investors.

Out of the total cryptocurrency participants, 60% participants stated that they want to become billionaires in the future. They stated that they are looking up to the people who are already part of the crypto trades and have become billionaires.

The survey results are a depiction of the expectations that cryptocurrency investors have with digital assets. This means that the crypto industry has a bright future ahead and it may soon make a comeback.