Safe Holdings Review

Safe Holdings logoHave the financial markets piqued your interest? The world economy is in dire straits due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and this has pushed millions of people to search for money-making opportunities. There are not many options that can be found, but one that does exist and is offering solid return is trading in the financial markets. Therefore, millions of people all over the globe have begun to contemplate investing in these markets or have already done so. In the last few couple of decades, there has already been an influx of people due to cryptocurrencies and now the number is going up once more.

One of the best things about online trading is that it has simplified the overall process and given access to the various financial markets from anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you have traded before or not; there is no one stopping you, as long as you have some money you are ready to trade with. Also, if you choose the right broker, you will be able to access all the markets from one platform, which saves you a lot of headache and makes trading immensely simple. It is one of the biggest decisions you have to make and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It is not possible to start trading without a brokerage and there are quite a number of them that are offering their services online. However, most people will be confused and overwhelmed due to the number of options that can be found. How do you decide which company to opt for? Each of them claims to be the best, but if you were to take them at their word, you would be signing up with all. Since that cannot happen, you have to sort through the options and find one you can trust and can offer you the right services in the long run.

You need to proceed with caution because the internet is rampant with scams and there are shady companies out there that may entrap you by offering you irresistible features. So, how do you decide whether you are making the right choice or not? You should evaluate the different services and the quality they offer will give you the answer. The same can be done in the case of Elecrum24, a European forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) broker, which offers its services in more than 50 countries around the world. The company has its offices located in more than 28 countries and offers its website in four languages; English, Spanish, Greek and German.

But, you need to evaluate its offerings carefully through this Safe Holdings Review before deciding whether Safe Holdings can fulfill your needs or not. Let’s get started:

Broker Safe Holdings
Trading Accounts Four Account Options; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black Account
Minimum Deposit €500
Assets Coverage Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CFDs
Trading Tools Trading Indicators, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes; , Glossary, e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials and market analysis
Customer Support 24/7 through email, phone number, online contact form
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)

Safe Holdings website

Safe Holdings Security Features

Trading through an online broker means that you will create an account with them, which involves sharing your personal information. Next, you will also have to hand over your money to them, as it will be used for your trading activities. Both these actions leave you vulnerable to the countless cybercriminals who exist these days and are looking to take advantage in every possible way. If you don’t want to be a victim of any crime, you need to choose a company that provides you with a secure trading environment.

Hence, it is a must to check their security features and you should do the same with Safe Holdings. Once you begin looking, you will realize that they have taken the steps necessary for mitigating these risks. First and foremost, they have used advanced security technologies, such as encryption for protecting all sensitive data and information they collect. If you have any doubts, you can also check their Privacy Policy, which indicates how your information is collected and used. You can rest assured that they will not allow any third-parties to access your data without your permission.

As for safety of funds, Safe Holdings has opted for customer account segregation, a tactic that involves maintaining separate accounts of traders and the company itself. This ensures that all deposits are only used for trading activities and in the case of bankruptcy or suspension of services, they are returned to the trader. You don’t have to worry about your hard-earned money being lost, unless it is via trading. Most importantly, you will come to know that the brokerage has implemented the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

According to these security policies, traders have to provide proof of identity and address to Safe Holdings in order to use their trading services. You can give proof of identity via a national ID card, a driver’s license or a passport, while proof of residence can be provided through a utility bill, credit card bill or a bank statement. These policies are used for minimizing the possibility of money laundering, terrorist financing, financial fraud and identity theft. It gives you peace of mind that only legitimate accounts can be created with the broker and no fake accounts exist.

Safe Holdings Financial Products

In order to ensure you are making the right choice when you have to select a broker, you don’t just make a decision after checking the security features of the company. There is no point in having a safe trading environment when there are no profitable trading opportunities available. Therefore, you also need to know what financial products will be provided to you, as this will indicate the kind of returns you can expect to make via the platform. Most brokers will promise to give you access to hundreds of options, but only a few will be able to deliver in this regard.

If you don’t want to be disappointed, you need to know what you are getting into. Safe Holdings claims to give you access to numerous financial markets in one place and they have lived up to this promise. When you sign up on their platform, you will be able to access more than 1,500 financial products, which belong to different markets and offer different level of returns. This kind of variety can be immensely helpful in achieving the goal of portfolio diversification and allows you to minimize your risks by spreading your investment over different types of instruments. Some of the choices you will be able to explore are:

Stock: Considered synonymous with trading, the stock market is filled to the brim with thousands of trading opportunities that you can explore. It allows you to get a piece of the pie of some of the world’s most well-known companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Barclays, HSBC Holdings, Alibaba, Boeing, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, IBM, JP Morgan and MasterCard.

Commodities: Traders who don’t want to take a lot of big risks and want regular returns will find plenty of opportunities in the commodities market. There are different types of commodities you can trade, such as crude oil, natural gas, precious metals like gold, silver, copper and platinum and agricultural products like corn, coffee, wheat and rice.

Indices: If you are looking for lucrative opportunities to trade, the indices market is one of the best options you can explore. You can find some great options like DAX, NASDAQ, FTSE, Dow Jones, CAC and S&P.

Forex: Perhaps, the most renowned financial market in the world is the foreign exchange market, as its trading volume is higher than $5 trillion. There are thousands of currency pairs that can be traded and can offer high returns. Some of these currency pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF and AUD/USD.

Cryptocurrencies: If you don’t want to invest in fiat currency, you can go with digital currencies, which are in demand and are offering great opportunities. Bitcoin has become the top cryptocurrency in the market and there are a number of other options that can also be found. These include Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero and Ripple.

Safe Holdings Trading Platform

Now that you are aware of the financial products that you can trade via a broker, you should shift your focus to the trading platform that you will be using for trade execution. It is vital to take this platform into account because if it is not easy to use or doesn’t function properly, it can make it difficult for you to trade and not enable you to achieve the kind of returns you want. Safe Holdings has developed a proprietary trading platform for their clients and have added it with all the necessary features and tools for delivering a smooth trading experience.

The first thing you should know about Safe Holdings trading platform is that it is a web-based one. This means you can access it via the website, thereby eliminating the need to download and install anything. You can use it on any device that supports a browser and an internet connection, which makes it highly flexible, as you are not bound to one device. The trading platform is powered by state-of-the-art technology due to which it can offer instant trade execution. Traders will be able to take advantage of the smallest of market movements and use one-click trading to capitalize quickly.

In order to help boost their trading performance, Safe Holdings has added a range of trading tools to their platform for their clients. They can make use of an economic calendar that highlights all important events, which may impact the market. There are advanced charts that track market trends and patterns and market analysis tools that can also help in making decisions. Trading signals and alerts are also available and you can access the latest market news for staying updated. These tools can be immensely helpful for traders, especially newbies and beginners.

In accordance with the latest trends in the market, Safe Holdings has also developed mobile trading apps for both iOS and Android ecosystems. These apps can be downloaded on your chosen device and will give you access to your trading account with the broker from anywhere. In this way, you don’t have to miss out what is happening in the market and can open and close positions quickly. The apps are also integrated with the necessary tools that can be helpful for traders.

Safe Holdings Account Choices

You have to open a trading account with a brokerage in order to use their services and the same applies to Safe Holdings. However, each broker offers different account choices and you need to go through the option to select the one that seems in accordance with your preferences. When you take a look at the offerings of Safe Holdings, you will find that there are four options available.

Bronze is the first account, which has a minimum deposit of €500. Leverage of 200, static spreads, minimum lot size of 0.1, news feed, financial calendar and introduction to platform are its features. The Silver account is next, with a deposit of €5,000. It offers 25% welcome bonus, access to masters partial, and minimum lot size of 0.5. The Gold account is the third choice, which asks for a minimum deposit of €25,000 and provides traders with a personal manager. Leverage is increased to 400 now and traders receive analytical updates, 50% welcome bonus and minimum lot size of 1.

The final account is referred to as Black and you can only be invited to this one after meeting a specific criteria. It offers the highest leverage of 500, lot size of 1.5, the welcome bonus is variable and full access to masters is available here.

Taking into account the excellent customer support, the educational resources that have been added and the wide range of payment solutions, Safe Holdings can be the right choice for any trader looking to make a mark in the financial markets.