CRYPTOP logoIn today’s competitive environment, businesses are aware that their potential customers have a lot of options at their disposal. Thus, they have to offer something that helps them stand out and this applies to online brokers as well. Considering the sheer number of companies that offer their trading services, you have to have some good and solid reasons to choose one over the others. If you were to take the word of every company, this would mean having to open an account with all because each claims to be the best. So, finding the right reasons can be helpful and that’s what this CRYPTOP review aims to do.

In your search for a broker that gives you access to the financial markets, you will come across forex and CFD broker CRYPTOP that was founded in 2012. It has been catering to global traders for the last 12 years and has developed a strong reputation. However, your trading needs may not necessarily be the same as others, so you have to have some solid reasons for selecting CRYPTOP as your broker. What are they? You can find out in the below review:

Reason 1: Variety of trading instruments

An excellent reason to choose a broker for your trading journey is the variety of trading instruments they offer. Sure, you can trade in just one financial market as well, but this increases your risk because if the market goes down, you only make losses. Opting to invest in several markets simultaneously can help you set off the losses in one with the profits in another. This strategy is called diversification and can only be used when you have access to a variety. This is where you will find that CRYPTOP is just the broker you need.

CRYPTOP website

They not only claim, but also deliver an extensive variety of instruments to trade and these belong to some of the most reputable financial markets in the world. You have the option of trading fiat currency pairs in the forex market at CRYPTOP or you can go with digital currency pairs in the crypto market. There are stocks, bonds, indices, oil, metals and other commodities that can also be found. The combination of these instruments ensure that you are able to find an instrument that meets your risk tolerance and can help you make the most profits, while mitigating your trading risks.

Reason 2: Quick registration process

Another reason to sign up with CRYPTOP as opposed to others is their quick registration process. You don’t have to deal with a complex and time consuming procedure to open a trading account and begin taking advantage of any opportunities. They have kept their process simple and quick for every trader, whether beginner or experienced. You only need to visit their website, click on the ‘Register’ option on the top right and fill out the given form.

The form doesn’t take you more than a couple of minutes because it asks for your first name, last name, email address, home address, phone number, post code, country and account password. You are given the option of two currencies; EUR and USD to choose from. The final steps involve having to agree to the Terms & Conditions that you can find on the CRYPTOP website and confirming you are 18. This is all that’s asked of a trader and you will be registered instantly, with no approvals required at all.

Reason 3: Strong security policies

CRYPTOP security

The security offered to you by a broker is of the utmost importance because no trader wants to see their hard-earned money stolen, or their personal information fall into the wrong hands. You have to trust a company with both when you wish to trade online, so they have to have good security policies to keep you safe. The strong security policies that have been adopted by CRYPTOP are highly reassuring because they indicate that your safety is a priority for the company.

They have taken advantage of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping all financial as well as personal data of their clients under wraps, so no outsiders can misuse it. As for your money, the rules of customer account segregation are followed by CRYPTOP for keeping them safe. These accounts are maintained with leading banks and can be helpful in preventing misappropriation and theft. The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies are also followed by the company.

Under these policies, traders are required to verify their CRYPTOP trading account by providing some important documents. They have to give proof of ID by submitting a national ID card, or an international passport or a driver’s license. Proof of address is also needed, which requires a utility bill like gas, water or electricity, or a bank statement. Your account has to be verified in order to use it for making any transactions.

Reason 4: Robust customer support

If there should be one reason that you consider a broker for your trading journey, it is their customer support. You don’t want to be abandoned in your time of need because even small delays can lead to disastrous consequences in the financial markets. Plus, a company that doesn’t prioritize its clients is just not worth depending on. You can get robust customer support at CRYPTOP because they have set up an array of channels that their clients can use for contacting their team.

You don’t have to worry about delays because their team is available 24/5 to answer your questions and resolve your problems. You can contact the CRYPTOP team via email, give them a call, or even have them call you back by filling out the online contact form. All details are available on their website under the Contact Us section. The live chat option is also available in case you need immediate help.

Ending Thoughts

Consider the multiple account options, advanced trading platform, competitive trading conditions and educational resources and you will not run out of reasons for choosing CRYPTOP as your broker over the other options that exist in the market.