CFDAdvanced Review

CFDAdvanced logoThe technological world has completely changed the dynamics of everything. Many big companies have shifted their businesses to online platforms. Similarly, the online trading business has also become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people are interested in investing and gaining some huge profits. Experienced traders are coming into the digital world and growing their trading business. Moreover, the individuals with no experience too want to earn profits by starting their trading business. All of it cannot be done without the assistance of a broker. Since the online trading business is on the boom, many online firms have jumped into the market to provide their services. CFDAdvanced is also a brokerage firm that provides a platform for traders of every kind to start their trading business. In this CFDAdvanced review, you will get all the necessary information about the features you look for in any broker.

The role of a broker is dominant in your overall trading business. The broker assists you in many ways. It provides a platform to the traders on which they can trade. Furthermore, they look after your identity and money by implementing robust security measures. In addition, they assist the customers with customer care services. But all such properties are nearly in every broker. What makes them trustworthy is when they are true to their words.

CFDAdvanced is a broker that assists customers in every means. It is a complete platform that offers a variety of options to the customers and helps them gain enormous profits. In addition, this broker is not a new one and has tons of experience with trading. It was founded by CFDAdvanced Ltd, which is based in Cyprus. It is always a better idea to know about a broker with which you are going to sign up. It is because the broker can impact your trading business significantly. For example, if you make a good choice, then there is a high chance that you will end up with tons of profit. Likewise, if you make a wrong choice, in the end, there is a great probability that you will end up with losses. This CFDAdvanced review will help you find out how this broker can assist you in booming your trades.

Easy Registration

CFDAdvanced website

It is always the first impression of any broker when it comes to taking details of the traders when they are signing up. A good brokerage company always makes things clear and easy for traders. That is the reason that traders consider the long registration process as a waste of time. In such time, you can make vulnerable profits. Consequently, CFDAdvanced has come up with an uncomplicated registration process.

To get registered with CFDAdvanced, you need to go to their website and click on the open account option; then, there will be a short form that will appear on your screen. In this brief form, you have to enter details such as your first and last name, your email address, your password, your country, and your phone number. After that, you have to agree to the firm’s terms and conditions, after which you will get registered immediately. This process will take only a few minutes, unlike other platforms’ lengthy forms that can irritate you to the greatest extent.

Educational Program by CFDAdvanced

As I mentioned, it is not always important that the trader knows everything related to trading. Unlike the market professionals, there are many traders in the market who are not aware of trading. The new traders do not know about trading strategies and techniques. Moreover, they may face difficulties to get success in this business as they do not know the basics of trading. So, for the ease of such traders, CFDAdvanced has an education section which consists of a book comprised of 13 chapters. In addition, to facilitate the customer, they have also added a chat option where you can contact them without any hesitation.

Furthermore, there is an availability of 140+ teachers that guide traders in a step-by-step manner. You can always find it essential to go through this book. It can educate you to become a market professional in a short period.

Wide Variety of Assets

People have different choices. That is the reason CFDAdvanced provides multiple assets for trading. They have hundreds of instruments available on their platform. Such an extensive asset index helps in diversifying your portfolio as a trader.

CFDAdvanced allows you to trade in cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Not just this, but you can also take part in Forex trading as a user of this trading firm. Being the largest financial market, the number of currency pairs and the volatility of the forex market can lead you to earn massive profits. When we talk about stocks, then this brokerage firm allows you to trade shares in big companies. These companies include Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Tesla, Coca-Cola, VISA, and many more. Furthermore, the indices and the commodities available are also much in numbers.

Apart from that, trading cryptocurrencies is also possible on CFDAdvanced. Several traders choose crypto assets because of their higher volatility as they tend to give huge profits. Since the creation of Bitcoin, multiple other coins have come into existence. Not everyone is interested in Bitcoin. Also, CFDAdvanced has not restricted the customers. It has given multiple other options such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, and Litecoin.

CFDAdvanced trading assets


An Incredible Platform for Trading

A trading platform can greatly affect the trading experience of any trader. Every feature is significant for the trader, starting from an easy-to-use platform. The platform should also keep the clients up to date about all the ups and downs of the market with the help of some advanced tools.

CFDAdvanced is a web-based platform with wonderful features. Its GUI (Graphical User Interface) is soothing to the eyes. Since it is a web-based platform, you do not have to install it. Also, there is no need to upgrade the platform again and again; that only takes storage on your device and nothing more. The flexibility provided by the broker is great. Devices you use that can carry on your trading business can be a PC, laptop, or even a mobile. This platform has modern tools and is not behind any other broker when it comes to having the most incredible features.

The speed of any platform can affect your trading experience. The fast execution of trades on this platform can lead you to a flawless trading experience. Moreover, on this platform, you can have access to technical and fundamental analysis tools, risk management tools, trading signals, a market calendar, price alerts, live charts and graphs, and also custom indicators.

This platform allows traders from 50+ countries to trade on this platform. It means that traders from multiple countries make use of this platform to carry out their trading business. To make things easier, CFDAdvanced has three language options. The customers can change the language option according to their choices. Users will have a wonderful experience after creating an account with this broker. The professional account managers of CFDAdvanced help new traders in building their careers in the trading world. They employ their expertise in helping traders in building their versatile portfolios.

CFDAdvanced’s Security Measures

The primary concern of any trader is always the security of the trading platform. Most of the brokers fail to satisfy their customers by not implementing some strong security measures. So the traders are always in a state of worry because of their identity and money.

Indeed, a platform should always be secure from any cybercrime and fraud. For this reason, CFDAdvanced has applied internationally recognized security standards that make the overall trading environment safe for traders. The only concern of traders should be how they can gain huge profits by investing correctly in the assets of their choices.

CFDAdvanced asks you to submit some of the essential documents that are significant for identification purposes. It is like that because CFDAdvanced needs to follow some of the policies in order to safeguard your identity and capital. These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. The KYC policy is there to secure your identity, whereas the AML policy helps to reduce the chance of money laundering.

Various Account Options

It is important to note that not every trader in the online trading industry has experience in trading. Along with a number of seasoned traders, many individuals do not know even the basics of trading. Therefore, you cannot deal with every trader on a single account. It is vital to have multiple account options. There are five account options provided by CFDAdvanced. All of them have different features and services. It is up to the trader which accounts they should choose up to their level and expertise.

  • Silver Account

The silver account is the basic account which you can open by investing 10,000 Euros. The leverage on the trading is 1:20, and you also receive a 20% bonus on your initial investment as a welcome bonus. The trading sessions on this account type are four sessions per month. As a silver account holder, you will get the assistance of a senior broker.

  • Gold Account

The gold account can be opened up by investing 25,000 Euros. In addition, the leverage on this type of trading is 1:40. Furthermore, it facilitates customers by providing them the assistance of a senior broker and a welcome bonus of 40% of the initial deposit provided. Gold account holders also get one weekly managed session and 5-6 monthly trading sessions. Additionally, one on one educational course is also provided with daily reviews and a complete money management plan.

  • Platinum Account

It can be opened by investing 100,000 Euros. The account holder of this account type gets 1:60 leverage on trading. Also, the broker provides such account holders with an expert broker for their assistance. Furthermore, such account holders receive a 60% welcome bonus on their first investment. In addition, platinum account holders get 2-3 weekly managed sessions and 8-10 monthly trading sessions. Such account holders also have access to the premium trading room.

  • Diamond Account

The diamond account needs an investment of 250,000 Euros to open up. The leverage on trading on this account type is 1:100. In addition, you get assisted by a top expert that increases the probability of being in profits rather than losses. Traders also have access to the premium trading room. Also, they get four weekly managed sessions and 12-15 monthly trading sessions. Moreover, such account holders receive an 80% bonus on their first investment as a welcome bonus and get all the services with even more advancements like that of platinum account.

  • VIP Account

This account type is not for those who are not new to the trading world. Such account holders should have tons of experience, and along with it, they should be able to bear losses. To open this account, you need to invest 500,000 Euros. They get daily weekly managed sessions and unlimited monthly trading sessions. Furthermore, the leverage on trading on this account type is 1:150. In addition, they also receive a 120% bonus on their initial investment as a welcome bonus. The risk per trade is only 1%, and they get unlimited premium services per month. Also, in this account type for assistance, you get a team of expert brokers that can aid you in making some significant profits in your trading business. Moreover, this account type has all the facilities that are offered by CFDAdvanced.

Customer Support

There is always a need for customer support service in any trading firm. You cannot neglect the fact that every trader can get into any of the problems while carrying out the trading business. Customer care service is essential for traders to be successful in the trading business.

CFDAdvanced does not neglect the customers’ needs and applies such features that can assist the customer in any possible way.

There may be hundreds of questions in your mind just because you are a new trader. You may face issues regarding nearly everything in the beginning. To solve this problem, CFDAdvanced has a FAQ page, where you can get answers to your queries. These queries are the most repetitive ones and allow many of the new traders to get details of trading without even contacting the firm directly.

But the question arises what if the query you are having does not have a solution in the FAQ section? The answer is simple as you can contact the firm directly. The firm’s dedicated staff for customer service is available 24/6. No matter how minor your issue is, it will be important for this company. There are three different ways to contact them.

The first way is to contact them via an email, in which you can mention all the issues you are facing, and you will be answered in no time. The second way is to call them. The company has provided multiple numbers of different countries by which you can contact them and tell them the issue you are facing and get their solutions without waiting. The third way is to fill the form they have given on the website. On that form, you have to mention all the necessary details asked, and you can explain the issue you are having on the platform. You will get all your answers in a very short time.

As a service provider, CFDAdvanced knows how to help out a customer in their time of need. They have a wonderful team of expert traders and dedicated staff that look after their clients. The broker is popular among people because they know how the customers are dealt with here. Furthermore, this is a trustworthy platform because multiple traders are a part of this broker and are in huge profits. After all, they got assisted by CFDAdvanced in their trading business. With tons of experience, this broker literally implements what they offer. Unlike other firms, they never leave the customer alone while they make tough decisions. But they are always there to aid the customer in any mean. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced one, you will always find this broker as a fantastic platform that is always ready to help traders to grow their business rather than making money out of the clients and leaving them at the time of their need.

Final Thoughts

This CFDAdvanced review may have helped you to make your choice clear. Undoubtedly, this broker firm is an excellent choice if you want to invest and earn profits. Traders ask for a secure and healthy trading environment in which they can carry out their business. Furthermore, they look for a broker that has advanced tools and excellent customer support. In addition, the newbies also look for an education section where they can learn and earn at the same time. All of these options and many other features are present at CFDAdvanced; you can really count on this broker if you want to succeed in your trading business.