CEO of Yefi has rooted for Ethereum in the most outstanding way possible on ‘behind the startup’ at Hackernoon. Pekka Kellka is not only optimistic that Ethereum basically holds a great future ahead of it but also wishes the Blockchain a great run in the upcoming days. On the show, when asked about the recent intervention and implementation of a new update rolled previously to Ethereum’s blockchain via Vitalik Buterin, Pekka said that this is the most amazing and important update to catch up with Ethereum ever. This new update is designed to accelerate the efficiency of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain of Ethereum and at the same time helping it with scalability.

Pekka also said that he believes Ethereum would become a global computer, big and savvy enough to engulf Google, AWS, and Azure into it. The EIP 1559 is the latest update being implemented into the blockchain, which will make Ethereum deflationary in the long run. Could it be that Ethereum will be able to stream, hold, manage and scale all of the data currently present on Google, AWS, and Azure combined?

Ethereum 2.0 is an Incredible Achievement

It is definitely a question that comes to mind, but the optimistic tune of Pekka that it will doesn’t really provides a valid or a logical answer; only time will tell. These recent few updates have made the network more trustworthy among investors because it has become more accessible, efficiently scalable in every way.

With each and every transaction, the Ethereum tokens will be generally removed from the market resulting in the burning of the fees with every transaction. As more transactions are made, the supply of Ethereum will be burned rather than minted, which will only increase the demand for Ethereum as the supply goes under. More significant changes are expected to reach here when Ethereum 2.0 gets released; it is possible that the scalability of its blockchain will reach new horizons, and that hint of a world computer which is given by Pekka, the CEO of Yefi, will be entitled to become as more improvements stick with it.