The Moneygram International Inc. team has recently made an announcement for its users. The officials have announced the launch of a new platform that would allow users to access cryptocurrencies.

Moneygram’s Tuesday Announcement

On Tuesday, the officials at Moneygram International Inc. announced that they have launched a cryptocurrency service for users.

Moneygram made the announcement of the new cryptocurrency service through the Twitter platform.

The officials have announced that through the platform, users could perform multiple activities involving cryptocurrencies.

Through the new Moneygram platform, users would be able to purchase, sell, and even hold cryptocurrencies. They have added the new feature of interacting with crypto via the Moneygram app.

More Crypto Access

Moneygram has confirmed that apart from buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies, the users would be able to perform trades as well.

The users would be able to perform these actions on Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC). For now, Moneygram is offering access to LTC, ETH, and BTC but it plans on providing more crypto in the future.

More Crypto Underway

Moneygram has announced that in the year 2023, they will be introducing more cryptocurrencies. The information surrounding the new feature involving crypto is available through Moneygram’s website.

Moneygram has announced that the new feature would be available to users based in the United States.

According to the update, all the states except for the District of Columbia, New York, Idaho, and Hawaii will not have access to such service.

The company is also interested in offering users much more than LTC, ETH, and BTC. The business plan for Moneygram includes the company offering more than 120 cryptocurrencies to global users.

However, Moneygram plans on launching more cryptocurrencies in due course. The company now wants to add more options for users to send and receive payments.

They want the users to experience more than just send and receive cryptocurrencies. They want them to be able to perform trades, which is something even PayPal has not offered its users.

Moneygram’s Statement

As per Moneygram, the demand for has continued rising for cryptocurrencies among their users. With the constantly growing interest of the users in crypto, it was necessary they would offer them such service.

They are glad that finally, they are able to bring their users a wide range of cryptocurrencies they can access and trade with.

They have attempted to close the gap between traditional financial services and blockchain technology.

Moneygram is among the leaders when it comes to offering P2P payments to users in a digital world. It has been among the top choices among users wanting to process cross-border transactions.

The company currently has a strong user base that is well over 150 million, which is going to be a huge positive factor for the crypto-verse.