Francis Suarez, Miami Mayor, is a powerful advocate for Miami to become a hub for Bitcoin mining. He considers the fact that Miami has nuclear power to be an advantage to the city because it implies that they could offer bitcoin miners relatively cheap power. Florida Power and Light Co. has a local nuclear-powered plant located in Miami and hence is the focus of the Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Bitcoin Mining And Its Effect on The Environment 

One of the biggest arguments against the mining of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that the mining process requires a lot of energy. This is especially argued by some environmentalists, as it is estimated that bitcoin mining contributes about 0.9% of the global carbon emission. Hence, the negative impact of bitcoin mining on the environment and the resulting climate change can not be overstated.

Due to the negative impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment, many Bitcoin enthusiasts already have the foresight to see that clean energy sources such as nuclear and hydro power, is the way forward for Bitcoin mining. Francis Suarez, Miami Mayor, echoed this sentiment as sufficed that the negative effects ascribed to bitcoin mining is simply because a lot of the mining is actually being done in coal-power dependent countries. Hence, he emphasized another advantage of Bitcoin miners adopting Miami as the place for bitcoin mining, as they provide cheap and clean energy from their nuclear power plant.

Another advantage for Bitcoin miners to adopt nuclear power: the nuclear power plants are situated away from populated areas. This leads to a lower opportunity cost for the miners, who can move the energy for a small amount, just using the internet.

Francis Suarez, Miami Mayor, is well aware that miners are interested in getting cheap energy for their mining operations, and hence he contends that the presence of nuclear power in Miami will provide inexpensive power to the bitcoin miners.

Francis Suarez, An Advocate For Bitcoin 

Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, has been a strong advocate of technology. He gave a speech early this month at the Bitmain Digital Mining Conference, and he advocated for innovative technology adoption in Miami. He is a strong believer in the importance of technology in driving development and hence he has been taking every opportunity to advocate for its continued adoption in the city.

Miami has the first government in North America, and second in the world to host on the government website, Satoshi’s White Paper. This was a step taken by the Mayor Francis Suarez. The effort of the Mayor on bitcoin is beginning to give the city a Silicon Valley like impression. This will be in line with the Mayor’s belief in innovation and technology as the driver of growth and development.

Mayor Suarez challenged his audience during his speech that they should go out and elect a pro Bitcoin president into the White House. 

Spokesman for Florida Power and Light Ltd, Bill Orlove also added that the company is ready to support bitcoin miners and the development that they bring to the City of Miami.