The past few months have been especially difficult for various companies in the crypto market. Not only has the crypto market been seeing prices for major crypto assets fall considerably in a short amount of time, but various companies are also struggling to break even.

And as the market shows no real signs of growing past a specific level, companies have had to make a difficult call. In the case of the crypto fitness app STEPN, there are rumors floating around that they have currently fired more than 100 contract workers.

Some of the individuals who have been laid off included ambassadors, community moderators, and various other contract workers. Of course, the company is saying something completely different.

Colin Wu, one of the crypto market writers who are currently working with the South China Morning Post, broke the news. Wu was able to find out what the company was doing and decided to report it accordingly.

However, STEPN has denied all of these claims, with spokespeople on different occasions saying that these are rumors.

Clearing Any Rumors or Confusion  

A spokesperson from STEPN met with individuals at Decrypt to clear out any possible confusion about what is going on in the company. Not only was the spokesperson looking to clarify the story, but they were also looking to promote the company and website.

Not only did the spokesperson from STEPN go on to clarify that these rumors were baseless. Instead, the real situation was that STEPN had recently parted ways with some of the volunteer MODs.

Furthermore, they also clarified that the current market situation played little to no part ink their decision. Instead, the decision that they made was simply because some of the moderators had not been as active in the months or weeks leading up to their decision.

With the moderators not fulfilling their responsibilities properly, the company decided lay them off.

STEPN is Currently Looking for More Employees

Removing employees from the company is often the first sign that the company is not doing so well financially. However, STEPN was quick to ease these fears through the latest interview as it is currently looking for more employees.

Not only are they currently looking for employees throughout various positions in the company, but all of the forms that people can use to apply are also there.

Not Going Any Time Soon

STEPN was very clear with their motive for this interview, which was to help ease any doubts or concerns that people may have about the company. The company is not shutting down anytime soon, and it is not looking to fire any more of its employees. In fact, they are hiring and looking for employees for various positions in the company.