Metaverse tokens enjoy impressive price gains accompanied by bullish trends at the moment. Though the crypto market moved on downbeat mode early today, this article highlights metaverse coins that witnessed the most surges.

Mogul Productions (STARS): $0.17 (27.2% up)

Mogul is a crypto project describing itself as an international DeFi platform and NFT market. Its official website highlights that the platform collaborates with entertainment processionals and movies to build NFT that depicts the movies or experiences. Enthusiasts can utilize STARS tokens to upgrade their experience with Hollywood.

STARS is an ERC-20 coin and Mogul platform’s native token. While publishing these updates, STARS traded at $0.17 after gaining 27% over the previous 24 hours. You can buy STARS tokens on various trading platforms, including LATOKEN, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap.

DeapCoin (DEP): $0.061 (11.4% Surge)

DEAPcoin is an NFT platform based on blockchain technology and features multiple games. It has an objective to be the next-generation entertainment firm to revolutionize culture and economy. The DEP coin is an ERC-20 currency utilized when interacting with the DEAP platform. The DEP NFT marketplace also has Play Mining services, which houses many Play-to-earn games based on blockchain.

In the latest updates, DeapCoin posted on Twitter about its new NFT projects for the DEP market. Market players can access the new non-fungible tokens starting 2 December and comprise one Rare NTFs and two Epic.

While writing these lines, DEP trades at $0.062, following an 11% surge within the last 24 hours. Its market capitalization is at $209 million as the 24hr trading volume stood at $25 million. You can buy DEP coins on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, OKEx, and Bittrex.

RMRK (RMRK): $47.13 (10.3% Upsurge)

RMKR is an NFT legos collects that developers can use to create an arbitrary complexity system. Artists can use this multi-chain blockchain to customize their non-fungible tokens without hurdles. The Kusama blockchain, a scalable platform of technoscientific blockchain created with Substrate, hosts RMKR.

While writing this article, RMKR has its price at $47.13 after surging more than 10% in the last 24hrs. The metaverse token has its market capitalization at $447 as its 24hr trading volume stood at $24.6 million. You can buy RMKR tokens through or KuCoin.