Square Enix, one of the major game developers in Japan has decided to make its way into the blockchain industry.

Square Enix Partners with Oasys Blockchain

Square Enix is not the only gaming company in Japan that is seeking exposure in the blockchain gaming industry.

However, it is among the AAA gaming companies in Japan determined to gain exposure in the blockchain sector. The company has recently revealed it is part of its business model to embrace and seek knowledge/exposure in the blockchain industry and its elements.

Square Enix recently revealed that it is not going to explore blockchain technology on an outer surface level. Instead, they will go all in exploring blockchain technology and learning as much as they can about blockchains.

The company has announced that its goal is to become the Oasys blockchain’s initial validator. Oasys is a blockchain that is gaming oriented.

Oasys blockchain is known for offering users zero gas fees and a high-speed experience.

Square Enix to Use Oasys Blockchain

Going forward, Square Enix will be using the tools offered through the Oasys blockchain for the development of games based on blockchain games.

In addition to the tools, they will also be using the technology for the generation of content in the virtual worlds. It will be the users on the particular blockchain using Square Enix’s platform to generate virtual world content.

The director at the Blockchain Entertainment Division of Square Enix, Yosuke Saito, talked about their partnership with Oasys blockchain.

Saito stated that they hope that their partnership with Oasys blockchain goes a long way. They will continue exploring the blockchain to reach higher goals.

Square Enix is Enthusiastic

Saito added that their company is very enthusiastic about the company’s advance and exploration of the web3 gaming sector. Therefore, their partnership with Square Enix would be extremely important and long-term.

Their goal is to gain as many insights and knowledge in the gaming sector as possible. By gaining more knowledge, they will be able to advance in the blockchain gaming industry.

They will also work on the development of games based on blockchain technology, aiming to better the gaming experiences of their users and followers.

They want to build a stronger following and want their players to benefit from the industry as much as possible.

With the adoption of blockchain technology, Square Enix would either launch new cryptocurrencies or adapt already circulating cryptocurrencies for the benefit of the users.

Other major Gaming Companies

Square Enix is not the only gaming wanting access to blockchain technology. Other major gaming companies are also eager to gain exposure in the blockchain sector.

These companies include Yield Guild Games, Com2us, Wemade, Netmarble, Ubisoft, Sega, and Bandai Namco.