Sony has teamed up with Theta Labs to release two limited-edition NFTs that can be watched on the Sony Spatial Reality Display. The two NFTs are 3D versions that are viewable on Sony’s SRD, which leaves the user in a semi-physical augmented state.

The SRD is a large device that displays 3D visuals. As per findings, users can view the NFTs on Sony’s SRD without additional accessories. 

The NFTs are the closest thing to reality when viewed on the display. It maintains realism by scanning eye movements and adjusting the image to suit the viewer’s head movements as they tilt from side to side, front to back.

SRD Aims to Onboard More Metaverse Projects

SRD display is relatively new in the market. Sony hopes by launching an NFT that can only be viewed on the display, more projects will embrace the technology. SRD is futuristic and will create immersive versions in an augmented environment that enables people to socialize better and play.

Sony’s Executive Nick Colsey said augmented 3D NFTs are the way to go. He said they would exhibit the potential of SRD and how they will benefit users of virtual reality. Colsey also said the emerging technology would accelerate the use of NFTs, while the idea of viewing three-dimensional NFTs in an augmented-physical environment will help promote the technology.

SRD has been in the open for almost two years. Although the technology was highly welcomed by artists and engineers and touted as the industry’s game-changer, many were still oblivious that this type of innovation was in existence.

SRD Will Mitigate Issues in the Virtual World

One of the main challenges facing the virtual world is the lack of devices to elevate the user’s digital experience and immerse them in a semi-real world without relying on cumbersome and costly accessories. Companies like Sony have identified this issue and made an effort to release a device that could address the problem.

SRD could bridge the gap between the virtual and real world and help users experience something unique with realism. However, the massive $5,000 cost could still drive casual people away from purchasing this device.

Another issue dominating the metaverse space is interoperability. This is the sheer ability of objects to traverse the universe freely and from platform to platform regardless of format. Lack of interoperability could hinder the growth of the virtual universe because not all universes allow digital objects to traverse as they please. 

For instance, the LE 3D NFTs from Sony and Theta are only viewable on the SRD. Prospective owners that want to display them in other formats will encounter problems unless they go through the stress to re-acquire their 2D versions. However, it will cost an extra fee.