SagaTrade Review

SagaTrade logoThere are loads of brokerage firms nowadays, and almost all of them want us to choose them for our trading career. Among all these firms, SagaTrade is the one that truly deserves our attention.  In this SagaTrade review, we will assess its functions and services, which will help you a lot in your search for an online trading broker.

Whenever a new thing is invented, there is no guarantee that it will succeed or not. Not even experts can predict one hundred percent about anything that people will like or not. Sometimes even the most ordinary things that no one thought would be considered by anyone become a necessary part of people’s lives. And sometimes extraordinary things are often forgotten.

The same is the case with online trading. However, the trading profession has been around for many years. With everything becoming digitalized, it was just a matter of time when trading would also become an online process.

The truth is that in this digital world, it is even challenging to assume that if an online business will be successful or not. But online trading profession surpassed everyone’s expectations. It became an online business and a successful career for millions of people around the globe.

Like people go after anything in trend, whenever a new business idea becomes successful, many people want to acquire that business as their source of income. Millions of people across the globe have adapted online trading as their full-time or part-time profession. Many people have left their jobs to take online trading as a full-time job, and many continue their regular careers while doing online trading as a side hustle.

If you are one of those who have grown tired of your daily 9 to 5 job and want to do something exciting for your living, the online trading business might be your way to go. The ups and downs of this business will keep you interested in it. It is difficult to get bored of it because of the diversity of this profession.

While loads of people have already joined this business, thousands more are still signing in for online trading on a daily basis. They desire to become a part of this profession and obtain financial benefits from it. For such people, online trading is a way of fulfilling their dreams.

For the number of people joining this field, it is understood that online trading services providers have also tremendously increased in numbers to fulfill the trading needs of these people.

However, not all online trading services providers are equal. Not all of them are able to provide you with everything that you need for your business. Some online trading services providers out there are even scammers.

With many online trading brokers coming to the surface, SagaTrade is one among them, but it is certainly not like any broker in the market.

SagaTrade website

The opportunities that SagaTrade provides you with are endless. It allows you to invest in all significant trading assets. But I am not finished here with the discussion about SagaTrade. There is so much more to this online trading broker. If you are thinking about stepping foot in online trading or have already joined this profession and are searching for any advice, this review can significantly help you.

These days, online trading has become more of a hobby for almost every other person. Your relationship with brokerage firms is the first step in becoming a successful online trader.

Brief Introduction to SagaTrade

SagaTrade is relatively new in the market. It is a CFDs and forex broker made by a London, United Kingdom-based company.

The trading experience of anyone hugely depends on his choice of broker. The main goal of SagaTrade is to provide a secure and creative trading experience for any online trader. The services they provide will never be out of your budget, considering the fact that they provide the most modern software and trading instruments.

The brokerage firm is completely honest with its customers. Like most companies, they do not have hidden fees or coded commands in SagaTrade’s trading platform. Everything is right in front of the customer’s eye. They have full transparency in their commission fees, payment methods, and general conditions.

Not only this, they provide beginners with extensive information material to learn the fundamentals of online trading.

In terms of providing security to customers, SagaTrade is also playing a crucial role and has implemented all necessary measures to keep bad actors away from the website.

Security Provided by SagaTrade

The security of customers must be the top priority of any brokerage firm. SagaTrade has taken several steps for the safety of its clients. Some of the steps are as follows

  • They have 256-bit encryption on their software.
  • They ensure proper business registration to avoid any possible scammers.
  • They give the liability of account isolation.
  • Whenever you deposit any money in the trading account of SagaTrade, the firm transfers this money into a safe account.
  • The company does not own this secure account but a separate account.
  • They have advanced monitoring tools to keep an eye on your funds for any dubious activity 24/7.

SagaTrade has gone to great lengths for the safety of sensitive information and transaction details of its customers.

SagaTrade brokerage firm does not trust just any bank with your money. For the safety of your assets, they only trust the most well-reputed banks. In short, SagaTrade provides the most stable trading environment.

SagaTrade security

Trading Platforms Provided by SagaTrade

SagaTrade has provided multiple trading platforms for the service of its customers. To gain access to the trading platform provided by SagaTrade, you don’t have to download anything as they have an online platform.

The software of SagaTrade platform is made with high-tech technology and offers the most advanced trading instruments. Your each and every command will be implemented at high speed and in real-time. They provide you with MT4 and MT5 platforms, considered the most advanced trading platforms in the market. Every business person wants their hand on them to achieve an excellent trading experience.

One unique feature of SagaTrade trading platform is they introduced mobile trading applications for their customers. These applications are available both on android and iOS, which gives you the liberty to use their desired platform and trade while traveling.

SagaTrade is fit to satisfy the need of new and experienced traders because you can reach the world’s top financial markets using this platform. It will give you the freedom to trade in numerous trading assets like cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, and CFDs. Having so many options for trading will help you to get a diverse trading experience.

SagaTrade gives its customers access to various trading assets like stocks, indices, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrency.

Various types of currency pairs are available for trading in the foreign exchange market. SagaTrade is capable of allowing you to trade large and small currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. As we all know, large currencies are exceptionally liquid but very stable, and small currencies are useful when making big trades and earning large profits.

The SagaTrade trading platform gives trading options in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, etc.

With such an extended range of options available for trading, it will give you the opportunity to experiment in the trading profession.

Trading Accounts Provided by SagaTrade

SagaTrade has laid out seven account options for its customers. It starts with the most basic account for newbies to exclusive level accounts for experienced traders.

  • Bronze Account

The minimum depositing amount for the bronze account is 10,000 euros. This account is primarily for new traders. It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, and social training.

  • Silver Account

The minimum depositing amount for the silver account is 25,000 euros. It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, and advanced video on demand.

  • Gold Account

The minimum depositing amount for the gold account is 50,000 euros. As the account levels go up, the experience level of traders also increases. It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, advanced video on demand, one risk-free trade, and personal assistant.

  • Platinum Account

The minimum depositing amount for the platinum account is 100,000 euros. It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, advanced video on demand, three risk-free trades, a personal assistant customized account, and access to the trading room.

  • Diamond Account

The minimum depositing amount for the diamond account is 250,000 euros. It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, advanced video on demand, three risk-free trades, personal assistant customized account, access to the trading room, trading specialist, exclusive market updates, and some unique offers limited to only diamond account holders.

  • Premium Account

The minimum depositing amount for a premium account is 500,000 euros.

It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, advanced video on demand, three risk-free trades, personal assistant customized account, access to the trading room, trading specialist, exclusive market updates and special offers, premium algorithmic trading system, complete account overview, and dedicated account genius.

  • VIP Account

The minimum depositing amount for the VIP account is 1,000,000 euros. That is the most exclusive account option provided by SagaTrade, and the features provided by SagaTrade for VIP account holders are endless, as it is for most experienced traders.

It provides its customers with functionalities like market reviews, webinar access, social training, advanced video on demand, three risk-free trades, personal assistant customized account, access to trading room, trading specialist, exclusive market updates and special offers, premium algorithmic trading system, complete account overview, dedicated account genius, premium education package, customized trading platforms, exclusive trading assets, and premium account manager.

As the trader goes up the account levels, the trading deposit increases along with the benefits for account holders.

SagaTrade also has the option of the Islamic Account, which is no interest, and a swap-free account. The functionalities of Islamic accounts include market reviews, social trading, webinar access, and regular spreads.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Provided by SagaTrade

Having more than one method for depositing and withdrawing money never hurt any trader. In fact, in some instances, it is an essential part of any online broker. Every client prefers their method to deposit and withdraw money. SagaTrade has also tried its best to satisfy each customer in this regard.

The customers of SagaTrade can deposit and withdraw their money through credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers, and internet payment transfers. Allowing such a range of transaction methods avoids any unnecessary delays and misfortunes while transferring money. Any issues while transaction of money can cause damage to any trader’s reputation and his business.

Time duration for money transactions depends on which transaction method the trader is using. Some traders use bank wire transfers for depositing and withdrawing money. Still, this process is relatively slow and takes almost 3 to 5 days to use a credit or debit card. Still, some traders are also not comfortable disclosing bank account information on any online platform to use any other method for money transactions.

The point of discussion is how important it is to have more than one method for depositing and withdrawing money for any trader.

Fees and Commissions of SagaTrade

Another huge advantage for the customers of SagaTrade is that they do not charge any commission on your first deposit or withdrawal of the month. But the thing that the customers should always keep in mind is bank also charges a fee for depositing and withdrawing money so that any fees might appear from the bank’s side.

Additional Trading Tools of SagaTrade

SagaTrade is equipped with many up-to-date trading instruments, which are compulsory for online trading businesses. But in addition to these SagaTrade platform offers plenty of extra tools which are rare in the trading world. These tools will help you predict the market situation and thus boost your trading career.

Some of the great tools that can benefit their users include an economic calendar, risk management, various alerts, trader’s guide, market insight, market news, market analysis videos, and live chat tools.

Educational Resources Provided by SagaTrade

Loads of educational material available at the website of SagaTrade show that it is genuinely concerned about the welfare of its customers. Giving its customers knowledge about the trading industry is a surplus quality of SagaTrade online broker.

SagaTrade has gone to great lengths to provide its customers with much trading information to smooth their path for online trading. This feature of SagaTrade is especially beneficial for new traders as trading is a complicated industry and has so much to offer. Newcomers are often get confused about accomplishing various trading tasks and are in constant need of help.

New traders come with the hope of earning financial stability through online trading and want to avoid losing their money at any cost. For such newbies, SagaTrade presented live private trading sessions with experts. Now, this is the true example of going to the moon and back. Think about all the learning chances SagaTrade has proposed for its clients and how much clients can take advantage of them for the well-being of their business and themselves.

Furthermore, the website has free videos, Ebooks, Seminars, and Webinars. That is enough information that anybody will need before starting their career in online trading.

Customer Support Provided by SagaTrade

Many brokerage firms ignore the importance of a good customer support center which is a mistake on their behalf. Having a good or bad customer support service provided by an online trading platform can have an immense effect on the trading experience of any trader. If your online trading broker cannot support you or help you whenever you require it, it can massively disturb your trading profession.

While using SagaTrade online trading platform, if any trader faces any trouble related to trading, he can get expert advice on that matter with the 24/7 live chat option offered by the brokerage. You can ask about any complication or trouble you want the solution to. If you fill out the online contact form available on the company’s website, you can request a call back from an expert regarding your problem.

Moreover, a FAQs section is also accessible through the company’s website, where you can search for the solution to any complication you might be having. Contact experts and trained personal of the customer support center of SagaTrade at

Final Thoughts about SagaTrade

Once you sign up for SagaTrade online trading broker, you’ll surely be thrilled about the functionalities offered by this trading platform. SagaTrade is the result of the hard work of various dedicated workers.

Customers of SagaTrade have the luxury of obtaining benefits from tons of educational material provided at the company’s website, which will help them combat difficulties or issues they face in their trading career.

It accompanies the needs of traders from around the world of every skill level. It will be your loyal companion through the ups and downs of your trading career.