Invexeo Review

Invexeo logoDo you wish to trade online and grow your portfolio over time to maximize your profits?

If that is so, you need to know that the first thing you have to do is sign up on an online trading platform for an investment account. If you are interested in a reliable and professional platform, I would like to recommend the Invexeo trading platform.

It has some excellent features and provides various services to all traders. Keep reading for a comprehensive Invexeo review where I have listed the main features of this great trading platform. These features are what makes Invexeo a true pioneer in the online trading landscape and the financial community overall.

Broker Invexeo
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, VIP
Trading Platform Web Based, Mobile
Minimum Deposit € 10,000
Asset Index Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Price Alerts, etc.
Education Standard Trading Room, Platform Walkthrough, Technical & Fundamental Education
Customer Support Phone and Email
Website Language EN, SP

Invexeo homepageAlgo Trading Feature

The algo trading feature is one of the best and most useful features of the Invexeo online trading platform. With the help of this highly advanced feature, you can simplify your trading life and execute trades very conveniently. In case you are wondering how it works, you provide a computer program with a certain set of trading instructions which it then uses to analyze and place trades on your behalf. What that means is that you do not have to do any of the trading yourself and can instead rely on the algorithm to execute every trade for you while you enjoy your profits.

The Invexeo algo trading feature is probably best for you if you have a hectic schedule and cannot make out time to trade yourself. In addition, another benefit of this feature is that the algorithm can place very accurate trades without making any kind of errors. As a result, you can place maximum number of accurate trades and that considerably increases your earnings in a short period of time.

If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage the algo trading feature in the best possible way, you can look up the relevant learning resources on the platform itself.

Different Types of Trading Accounts

It is always helpful for every trader to have multiple types of trading accounts at their disposal. That is because then you can choose between these account types and select the one that aligns with your budget. I would like to highlight that the Invexeo trading platform provides 7 different types of trading accounts and all of them have their own distinct features.

You have the flexibility to sign up for any of these depending on your budget and what services you are expecting from the platform. For instance, if you want to begin trading online on a modest scale to keep your risk to a minimum, you can go with the Bronze account that only has a 10,000 euros investment requirement.

When you sign up for this Silver account, you will also have access to all the basic trading tools you will need to get started. On the other hand, if you have deeper pockets and want to grow your trading portfolio quickly, it is advised to go for one of the top-tier accounts such as the VIP. Although these accounts have a considerably high deposit requirement, you will have access to numerous trading opportunities allowing you to inflate your profits quickly.

Apart from that, when you sign up for one of the top-tier accounts, you will have exclusive access to some special features such as 1-1 sessions with trading experts.  Regardless of which trading account you ultimately go for, you can res assured that you will have the full support of the Invexeo trading platform.

Professional Client Support

It is true that client support is a prominent feature of a trading platform and Invexeo certainly does not disappoint in this particular department! Their representatives have a single goal- to provide the best possible customer support to all of their traders and assist them in every way possible. To that end, you can reach out to them round the clock and six days a week for any query or concern that you might have.

Whether you want to inquire about the educational materials available on the platform, facing some difficultly signing up for one of the trading accounts or have any other question regarding the services which Invexeo provides, feel free to contact their team.

Their customer support team comprises trading experts who have complete knowledge of this domain are well versed in customer support as well. What that means you can count on their support at all times and trust that any guidance they provide you will be 100 percent genuine and accurate.

So how do you contact the Invexeo customer support team? It is quite simple! All you have to do is fill up the online form that you can find in the contact section of their website. Just put in details along with your message and one of their people will get back to you promptly and help you with whatever it is that you want. You can also call their customer support on their official phone number and connect with one of their team members instantly. In this manner, you can receive quicker support.

Invexeo Professional Client SupportSecurity Infrastructure

Security is without a doubt the single most import component of an online trading platform and I am pretty sure that all trading experts will agree with this statement! If you are a newcomer in the trading world and wondering why is that, it is because there is always a risk that some cyber criminal or hacker can break into the platform and access the personal information of the traders.

That can have devasting consequences for both the traders and the platform. Hence it is imperative that you trade in a fully secure trading platform where you can trade and carry out your transactions with no worry at all. When you trade on the Invexeo platform, you do not need to be concerned about the security element. Invexeo takes immense pride in their security network and have implemented several features to make sure all traders can safely trade on their platform without any risk at all.

They have installed the latest version of the SSL encryption software in their system that does a very good job at encrypt in every piece of user data. As a result, all data that you share on the platform remains fully secure at all time and no unauthorized person can ever access it.

The platform also has stringent verification processes in place to verify the identity of every trader when they sign up on the platform. These processes ensure that you never fall victim to any instance of identity theft and no one else is able to log in your trading account. Overall, the security features of Invexeo are very tight and you can rely on them every time you want to trade on the platform.

Accessible from All Devices

You can access the Invexeo trading platform from all the modern devices that people use these days. These devices include tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops. The developers have designed the software of this platform to be extremely user friendly and 100 percent compatible with all common devices used for trading. This is a very beneficial feature since you can access the trading platform from any device you want as per your convenience.

For instance, if you travel often, then smart phone is probably the best option for you to log in your trading account. On the flip side, you might be more comfortable with a laptop or desktop if you want to trade at home or at your office. Regardless of which device you pick to trade on the Invexeo trading platform, on e thing is for sure-your trading experience will be as smooth a possible without any glitches or any other annoyances. Even if you do run into any issues, you can contact their customer support who will be happy to fix your problem for you.

Invexeo Accessible from All DevicesVarious Trading Instruments

Most trading platforms just provide a single trading tool to invest in. That can be quite a hindrance to most traders, especially those who want to invest and trade in multiple assets to control their risks and grow their portfolio quickly. That said, when you trade on Invexeo, you will have access to multiple trading instruments and you have the option to invest in anyone you want. You can select between stocks, CFDs (the most popular trading option on this platform), commodities, indices and much more.

All of these options are readily available on the platform and you can choose any one you want depending on the funds you have at hand. There is also no restriction on haw many instruments you can select at a time. The only criteria is that you need to have sufficient funds in your account to place your trades.

If you are uncertain as to which trading instrument is best for you, you can consult with your broker who can guide as to which assets you can invest in depending on your investment budget and other trading goals that you may have. You can even leverage the educational resources available on the platform to understand better which trading tools are best for you.

Invexeo Various Trading InstrumentsLow Spreads and Commissions

So what are spreads and commissions? This is what you give your broker as compensation for every transaction that you make on the platform. So what high spreads and broker commissions means is that you will pay more to your broker every time you earn from your trade.

As a result, your own profit margins will be less. Hence, every trades desires to trade on a platform where the spreads and commissions charged by the broker are minimal. The good news for you is that Invexeo is a perfect example of such a platform where you can enjoy low spreads and commissions. Consequently, you get to pocket most of your profits while paying only a minimal percentage to your broker.

Also, the broker will not charge you any withdrawal or deposit fees when you make a transaction. In face there, there is no hidden costs involved of any kind. All the broker fee is detailed in the terms and conditions so be sure to give that a read. You can also discuss with the broker if you seek further clarification on this fees.

Different Banking Options

When you trade on the Invexeo platfrom, you can opt between multiple banking channels which include credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers. When you have more than one payment option available, you can select the one that is most convenient for you to make your transactions.

Since making frequent withdrawals and deposits is a pivotal part of being an online trader, you are sure to find this particular feature of Invexeo very appealing. In addition, no matter which banking option you select, it is guaranteed that you will have full control over the movement of your funds and you can do so very safely with minimal risk.

Also, executing your preferred banking option on Invexeo is a very simple process. You just have to click a few buttons, type in the amount you want to withdraw or deposit and you are all set. There is no need to fill out any payment forms which can be quite a tedious exercise according to most of the online traders.


There is no doubt that Invexeo is a trading platform that fires on all cylinders and then some! It boasts all the necessary features you can need to flourish as a n online trader. In addition, they have excellent security features and stellar customer support to assist you with whatever you want.

When you put all of these things together it is quite clear that Invexeo is one of the best trading platforms out there. If you have decided to start online trading, I would suggest that you head over to their website and sign up for one of their trading accounts right away.