A new set of NFTs from Animoca-Brands-backed MADworld features a collaboration with prominent content maker Airrack. On Nov. 13 at 1 p.m. PST, Airrack will hold a live-streamed ping pong competition with other content makers, including Brent Rivera, Zach King, ZHC, and Bryce Hall. At the event, 12 wealthy innovators will compete for a share of the $120,000 winnings.

Madworld will be the primary NFT strategic partner for the event, creating NFTs that offer hodlers legislative power over subsequent Xtreme events. “To involve my followers and offer them genuine power over the channel’s success and future is vital to me,” Eric Decker (Airrack) said in a statement. In addition to the event clothing, MADworld will also deliver three tiers of souvenir NFTs. At the Xtreme Pong event, participating artists will develop innovative digital art NFTs.

The business will also offer an “apex” NFT attached to each creator’s real paddle used in the conference. “The Xtreme Pong model shows how the appropriate utility may generate NFT desire. MADworld is one of the most unique live conferences of 2021, setting sector-wide standards,” stated MADworld’s Head of Marketing, Jordan Heathfield.

RARE PEPE Auctioned For $500K

Rare Pepe was acquired for $500,000 by MetaKovan, the NFT enthusiast who reportedly purchased Beeple’s Initial 5000 Days NFT for $69 million previously in the year. On Friday, MetaKovan bought the Series 1 “RARE PEPE, RARE PEPE NAKAMOTO Card 1” coin, which combines the popular Pepe the Frog memes with a picture of Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese guy confused for the anonymous Bitcoin founder with the same name.

On the very same day, Mint Gold launched its 24/7 artists’ community and innovative studio for NFT artists. The NFT was priced at $25,000 previously this year however it received increasing attention as the NFT business booms. According to Theo Goodman, a bidder at the event, 99% of the folks he suggested RARE PEPE or other old NFTs had no idea what it was they were. “Everyone I questioned understood what it was this year. In this bidding, most individuals noticed the stark aesthetic difference between these old masterpieces and collectible current mass-produced NFTs,” he noted.

Final Fantasy Developers Scale-Up NFT Venture

Square Enix, the Japanese video game developer, says it will soon reach a “full profit-oriented stage” for NFTs. In March, the company released a collection of unique cards featuring elements from the Million Arthur video game and anime brand. In only two days, the NFT line sold out.

Square Enix recently stated that their first NFT drop was “a testbed for demonstrating what efficiencies” may be derived from mixing NFTs with its “commercial assets.” This consists of a “sturdy entrance” into blockchain-based gameplay, according to Square Enix. Gaming is becoming more autonomous, the survey says. “In conjunction with conventional content development, we will concentrate on decentralized blockchain games based on incentives.”

In 10 Seconds, Cryptodragons Sell Out

The newest CryptoDragons NFT drop sold out in ten seconds. Each of the 3 drops was priced at 35, 7, and 0.2 ETH. In the project’s metaverse and “Battle on Block-Chain” game type, players may earn fresh NFTs or ETH by hatching or unlocking EGG NFTs.

There will be 10,000 EGG NFTs available for usage on the platform effective Dec. 25. On November 8, Civic Technologies released the “Ignite Pass,” a free solution to fight botting in Solana (SOL)-based NFT dumps. To avoid bots, the program requires purchasers to undergo a liveness check before approving NFT sales. Earlier this morning, Zynga, the makers of the famous FarmVille game, announced the appointment of marketing specialist Matt Wolf as VP of Blockchain Gaming.