There are many governors in the United States that are rooting for cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Among those names, Francis Suarez comes out on top; Miami’s Mayor has doubled down on his support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and wants to incorporate these into state affairs. In progression with his campaign, Francis Suarez has reportedly said that he will be taking his next paycheck in Bitcoin. This is to offer his solidarity with Bitcoin and the idea of decentralization. In doing so, Francis has become the first American politician to be ever paid in digital assets.

This approach of Frances could be taken in as a double folded element. First of all, by taking Bitcoin as his salary, he is once again proving his faith and belief in the crypto world, and secondly, this will help the state of Miami to adopt cryptocurrencies in an official manner. If the whole thing goes through smoothly, then it is not long before Bitcoin is incorporated within the financial framework of the state of Miami, and possibly the crypto mining would also commence here.

Francis Suarez Believes in Bitcoin

Francis Suarez has some personal agenda with Bitcoin and not a political one; it is not that Suarez is only doing it to strengthen his position as a politician and the mayor of Miami. He is in it because he believes in the untapped potential of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and thus changing the financial space of the people of Miami in the future. Francis has clearly invested in Bitcoin himself, and not an event goes by when he is not seen praising the digital assets and the common passion that it is built around, which is to preserve the privacy of the people.

This whole thing about Francis receiving his next paycheck in Bitcoin became a sensation on Twitter and was supported by many. The yearly salary of Francis Suarez is equivalent to three bitcoins, and after the first successful rollout for crypto payment, it is expected that it will become a regular thing where the mayor receives his paychecks in crypto.