With the implementation of the Merge, moving Ethereum from PoW to PoS, every major crypto firm is trying to benefit the most from it.

Multiple cryptocurrency firms have been taking full advantage of their expertise to offer the best services to the users once the Merge is in place.

SEBA Bank offers PoS to Institutions

SEBA Bank, a major digital asset platform has taken things to the next level by expanding its service provisioning beyond the crypto-blockchain industry.

SEBA Bank has announced the launch of a new staking service for ETH and it has made things quite interesting for the institutions. The digital asset service provider has announced that the staking service will be made available to institutions.

New Ethereum Staking Service

The SEBA Bank has announced the launch of a new Ethereum staking feature for mainstream institutions. The feature would be available for users who wish to generate and earn yields by making investments in Ethereum.

The mainstream institutional investors will be able to stake Ethereum in the new staking pool offered by the SEBA Bank to earn yields.

Institutional Investment Continues to Grow

The SEBA Bank recently carried out its research, surveying mainstream institutions to know about their intentions for Ethereum.

The survey results were quite astonishing as they confirmed that the mainstream institutions are eager to make investments in the Ethereum network.

Among different sorts of investment options, mainstream institutional investors are interested to invest in Ethereum. Most importantly, institutional investors are highly interested to interact with services available in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

As the demand is constantly growing for the decentralized finance sector and its services, the SEBA Bank has decided to make these services available for institutional investors.

Comments by Mathias Schutz

One of the executives at the SEBA Bank, Mathias Schutz, talked about the role their platform has the potential to play in bringing more adoption to the DeFi industry.

They already have strong ties and connections with the institutional investors and this would allow them to form a stronger connection with them.

They will be able to offer staking services to institutional investors on a different level and in much easier/more convenient conditions.

Potential of Institutional Investors

The institutional investors will be able to take advantage of their highly regulated and sophisticated trading platforms to earn yields.

Institutional investors have the ability to make or break any industry. If they are able to attract many institutional investors to ETH staking, then the demand for the industry would rise tremendously.

To greatly minimize the risks for the institutional investors, SEBA Bank has provided mainstream institutions to perform ETH staking with 0.1 ETH.