IGI Markets Review

IGI Markets logoAre you looking for something exciting or new? You might be bored of your old job and want to start a new career or you might be thinking of diversifying your income stream, I must say you are on the right track. Online trading is one of the best choices for business nowadays.

As a beginner, you have to select a firm that will help you in developing your skills and show you the right path to success. In this IGI Markets review, I will tell you some factors about the firm which will help you grow and also polish your built-in skills. Let’s dive into its features right away.

IGI Markets homepageChat with Specialists and Use Trading Signals

Being a new trader, you might not know of online trading or maybe have some background about this new term. By signing up with IGI Markets, you will be guided by specialists in this field. A chatting room is available on the platform which gives you access to the discussions between experts.

If you sign up with the basic account then you will not be given access to the room. However, if you use a silver account then you would be given access to it at special events. While gold, platinum, and diamond accounts would provide 24/7 access to that room, whenever you need help just enter that room.

Trading signals are used for helping clients. The signals are developed by studying the history of assets when their prices go up and down. By studying that, experts of the firm give you information by predicting the time of rising and falling of the price. With the help of trading signals you can decide the correct time for selling and purchasing.

In a basic account, the trading signal will be given weekly while in the silver account you will be given signals 3 days a week, but if you have a gold, platinum, or a diamond account, the firm will offer you daily trading signals.

IGI Markets trading toolsWelcome Bonus to Give You a Head Start

If you are welcomed with some gift money, won’t that be wonderful? IGI Markets is the firm that welcomes you with different welcoming bonuses. If you have a basic account and you have added for example $50 in your account, you would be gifted up to 10% of that money which will be added to your account.

And if you have a silver account, you will be welcomed by up to 50% of your deposited amount. Further in gold, you would have up to 75%, in platinum, the bonus rises to 100% while diamond account would get you up to 150% of your first deposit.

Fastest Withdrawing Of Your Money

Normally, people save money so that they can use it later on in case of an emergency or if they want to buy something of high value. What if you are not able to withdraw your money you have saved in time of need? To solve that problem, IGI Markets is available with the feature of fast withdrawing, anytime anywhere.

But this depends on what account type you are accessing. If you are using basic and silver, accounts then you would not be able to withdraw money instantly.

If you have a gold account, then you can expedite your withdrawal and have your money in up to 3 workings days. Moreover, platinum account allows you to withdraw in up to 24 hours. The diamond account allows the best time for withdrawals.

Wrapping It Up

What else can you expect from an online trading platform? IGI Markets is providing everything for your help. The welcome bonus is generous. The VIP chat rooms allow you to have a look at what experts are thinking and talking about. Trading signals, provided by the firm, help you make the right decisions.

Expedited withdrawal is no doubt a highly sought out feature for both new and old traders. So, if you are still confused about the selection, I would advise you to have a look at the features which IGI Markets is providing.