Coinsbit’s Indian branch announced that it would start operating independently of its global counterpart. Rebranding as Cryptoforce, the company will act as a crypto exchange serving the country’s rapidly growing crypto market. By detaching from Coinsbit IO, Cryptoforce can develop unique solutions that cater to India’s crypto community.

India is home to over 90 million crypto users, making it one of the most notable crypto markets globally. Hence, there’s an immediate need for regional solutions that meet their needs. In this way, Cryptoforce will develop features like seamless withdrawals and deposits, as well as multilingual round-the-clock customer service.

Cryptoforce Sets Ambitious Goals for Upcoming Operations

The company is determined to build a convenient technology framework that complies with regulations set by the Indian government. With time, Cryptoforce is set to become a leading crypto exchange that’s best-suited for crypto traders and investors in India. And it’s backed with the minds to do so. It’s established by entrepreneurs with business experience, a thorough understanding of customer needs, and a reputation for delivering impeccable solutions.

Aims To Provide Advanced Solutions on Par With Global Market

Many of its top executives have helped international companies embrace the latest technology. From automation and cloud adoption to blockchain and cloud security, they have experience in just about every emerging technology, so it’s only natural that they venture into the crypto space. Their experience in the IT and blockchain industries can make the exchange a compliant and regulated entity that’s on the same level as international platforms technology and security-wise. At the same time, their innovative solutions will e tailored to the needs of India’s crypto market.

Cryptoforce Will Offer Numerous Investment Options to Users  

Once users sign up, they can choose from investment options that help them invest in different cryptocurrencies and earn interest on them. Depending on the user’s appetite for risk, the crypto portfolio management system lets users invest in different options. Moreover, the Drop of Gold offers the opportunity to invest in precious metals like gold via cryptocurrency.

The platform is 100 percent compliant with government regulations from the get-go and lets users transact in Indian Rupees. There’s also added security because 95 percent of funds are stored in a hot wallet.

In addition, the platform has announced upcoming features that will change the landscape of India’s crypto community. These will include withdrawals and deposits across various blockchains and an educational forum where users can learn about the latest trends and get in-depth information about cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, investors can expect custom strategies that help them automate trading. With time, they can even customize these features according to their preferences. As the community grows, users can benefit from a P2P platform where they can trade cryptocurrency with other users via a secure channel.