Coinrise Review

Investors and online traders have been shifting their attention to crypto since 2020, as valuations provide numerous opportunities to trade or to hedge against inflation. Given the persistently-high volatility, there are many ways it is possible to use these assets and Coinrise is one of the brands offering competitive crypto trading services.

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On top of that, traders can at any point diversify their crypto exposure using wealth management services, venture capital, private equity, or private debt, all part of the services covered by Coinrise. However, the main focus today will be on crypto trading and some of the reasons why traders view this brand as a reliable one to work with.

Coinrise Features

  • Trading platform – trading from home or any place in the world can’t be done properly without an optimized platform. Coinrise believes that the existing solutions in the market do not help enough, which is why it offers proprietary software, aiming to reach both beginners and professionals. This platform integrates TradingView charts, one of the top features to note, given technical analysis capabilities are endless.
  • Account options – Coinrise keeps all traders in mind, along with their different needs, which is why the account selection includes 6 options. The mini account is the most affordable, but the diamond account is worthy of attention, considering the wider range of features and tools attached to it. Traders can benefit from up to an 80% deposit bonus, a complete money management plan, daily market reviews, up to 1:500 leverage, and support from an account executive.
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  • Crypto assets – at the time of writing, Coinrise is a place where traders can gain access to tens of different cryptos, including Binance Coin, AAVE, Bitcoin SV, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, and others that are not yet covered by other brands in the industry. The company employs tight trading costs, depending on market volatility and instruments, as well as fast trade execution via its platform.
  • Investments – the wide range of investment services available at Coinrise unlocks a full scope of possibilities to get involved in the financial markets. Traders can trade crypto and, alongside their CFD trading account, invest in private equity, private debt, or venture capital.
  • Education – the cryptocurrency market emerged as an alternative for the wider public and that is why it should be accessible. To make that happen, Coinrise is a place where customers can benefit from educational resources, depending on the account type chosen.

  • Security – strong financial security is possible because the company uses some of the latest trading technologies, supports only reliable payment options, and operates transparently, sharing all the relevant data on its website.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the above, Coinrise seems to represent a viable alternative for trading cryptocurrencies in 2021 and beyond. Its fine-tuned trading offer should satisfy even the most fastidious traders. Diversity is the keyword when talking about this brand and considering the elevated uncertainty in the market, it is something to note.