Cleanspark has recently made the announcement in regards to growth in its mining power. The Bitcoin miner has revealed that their growth underwent great acceleration even during the crypto winter.

Cleanspark’s Hashrate Growth

Cleanspark has confirmed that their hashrate has risen tremendously during the crypto winter in the running year.

This is the reason why the hashrate of the company has skyrocketed. The report shared by Cleanspark suggests that its hashrate has surged over 3 EH/s.

Cleanspark officials have confirmed that in a 12 month period, the hashrate for the company has more than tripled.

The rise in the hashrate for Bitcoin is due to the number of expansions and innovations that Bitcoin mining operations have undergone since the beginning of 2022.

Total ASICs Owned by Cleanspark

Ever since Cleanspark became operational, it has been building a strong fleet of ASIC, which refers to “application-specific integrated circuit”. In simple words, these are the mining rigs that are used for the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies and in this case, Bitcoin.

Recently, Cleanspark announced that it has successfully built a strong fleet of ASICs amounting to 31,000 ASICs. Having built a strong fleet of ASICs, Cleanspark has boosted its daily BTC mining capacity to 13.25 BTC.

Cleanspark’s Recent ASIC Accumulation

The statements made by the executives at Cleanspark revealed that the company was able to benefit tremendously from the unprecedented opportunities that came their way during the crypto winter.

In this particular situation, Cleanspark was able to acquire a tremendous number of ASICs. They successfully acquired a large number of next-generation ASIC miners during the crypto winter.

The firm revealed that as the crypto winter began, the cryptocurrencies recorded huge dips in their trading prices. As the situation worsened, it was no longer affordable or profitable for the mining companies to mine cryptocurrencies.

This resulted in bringing down the demand for mining rigs and other equipment. For Cleanspark, it was the perfect opportunity to acquire as many ASIC miners as possible at much-discounted rates.

Cleanspark has also built up a highly powerful mining facility for Bitcoin. The particular facility has a capacity of up to 86 MW.

It is the year 2022 that has allowed Cleanspark to build up a very strong empire.

Cleanspark’s Expansion

Ever since the beginning of 2022, Cleanspark has continued expanding its business. Just recently Cleanspark acquired a piece of land in the North Dakota area, where it has launched its mining facility.

With the constant growth of Cleanspark all over the world, it is increasing the competition for mining Bitcoins. As the mining difficulty keeps rising for Bitcoin, so will its demand, pushing its trading price higher.