Bitpanda is determined to expand its product portfolio and offer more than just cryptocurrencies to its users. For this purpose, the fintech firm has announced the induction of traditional financial assets through the platform.

Bitpanda has Launched TradFi Products

Bitpanda, which is a major fintech unicorn based in Vienna, has announced the launch of new trading assets derived from the traditional finance sector.

The platform is determined to introduce its users and investors to traditional investment assets as well. This way, they will be able to discover the difference between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets.

Bitpanda has confirmed that the new but traditional assets will be introduced through their exchange platform.

Users to Trade Commodities

Bitpanda is determined to offer much more to its users than just cryptocurrency investments. It wants to help expand its investment portfolio and add more products to the list of tradeable assets.

For this purpose, Bitpanda has introduced the trading feature for commodities. Now, with the adoption of commodities, the users will be able to perform trades in commodities such as wheat, natural gas, oil, and many more.

The trading market is very dynamic and each day, a new asset rises to fame. Therefore, it is very important that the investors get to invest in the best trading options

Therefore, Bitpanda wants to be the provider that lets them invest in commodities and increase its profit-making opportunities.

The benefit of Trading Commodities via Bitpanda

From the announcement, it may seem that Bitpanda is offering commodity trading in a traditional manner. In reality, the fintech firm has a different approach to offering commodity trading to the users on their exchange platform.

On Bitpanda, the investors will be able to interact with commodities and purchase the asset of their liking using cryptocurrencies. This is one of a kind feature that has been introduced by any other fintech or TradFi entity.

This way, Bitpanda has managed to form a bridge between traditional and modern-day trading.

Comments by Eric Demuth

Eric Demuth, the chief executive officer at Bitpanda talked about launching the new facility for the users. According to him, most cryptocurrency investors are not aware of more trading options.

Although some crypto firms tried building bridges between the decentralized finance and traditional finance segments, they did not find much success in doing so.

Demuth stated that Bitpanda has found a unique way of offering trading services to users. Through their platform, the users will be able to interact with traditional financial assets (commodities) using cryptocurrencies.

As of now, cryptocurrencies have been adopted by over 300 million users and with the launch of a new service, more adoption may come in support of cryptocurrencies.