The entire crypto-economy saw rebounding subsequently after the announcement of the Nonfarm Payrolls report in the US on 4th November 2022.

The report suggests the opening of approximately 200k fresh vacancies in the US Government. Resultantly, BTC and ETH are witnessing their prices surging above $ 20,060 and $1,600 respectively.

Bitcoin Leading from the Front

A surprising rebound was seen in the global crypto economy which led to the surging of prices of entire cryptocurrencies. Amongst them, Bitcoin and Ethereum were the notable price increase gainers.

The surge became apparent on 4th November 2022. The reason behind the surge was noted to be the compiling and publication of the Nonfarm Payroll Report for October (NFP) by the markets in the US.

The report, which provides for jobs, is likely to reveal the opening of approximately 200,000 fresh vacancies/jobs in the national economy.

It may however be noted that September’s NFP report suggested opening 263,000 which means that October’s expected jobs are lesser.

Bitcoin Rally

However, what became obvious prior to the publication of October’s NFP report was that BTC/USD rallied promisingly and went above $20,642.81. Bitcoin was able to break its value of $20,086.24 which was the lowest on Thursday.

According to analysts, Bitcoin is now moving towards its crucial price range which is $20,800. The lead coin touched that threshold on 30th October but failed to acquire further value gains.

Because of Bitcoin’s failure to achieve further gains, the coin swapped hands at a lower price after 31st October.

Analysts believe that today’s surge has eliminated the downward sentiment and further surges are likely to occur for a few more days.

Currently, Bitcoin’s relative strength index (RSI) is not only looking strong but is also tracking at 58.57. However, the RSI is falling a little short of reaching 59.00 which is a crucial ceiling point.

For Bitcoin to be able to cross the $20,000 price barrier then it is a must that Bitcoin will need to go past this resistance level.

Ethereum Surge

Similarly, the second lead crypto coin Ethereum was able to get back into the green zone because of the recent surge. Its per-unit value is nearing about $1,600 which is a crucial ceiling point.

On 3rd November, however, Ethereum saw ETH/USD value dropping as low as $1,526.73. On the same day, however, Ethereum also got the chance of hitting a price range of $1,585.98, which was the highest value on that day.

As a result of thereof, Ethereum started to pace toward the key resistance level but couldn’t do so.

The collision, however, has adversely impacted the market value of Ethereum as the value dropped slightly. Currently, the coin is swapping hands at a price range of $1,577.26.

The RSI of Ethereum is currently below 63.00 which led the traders into liquidating their positions for escaping uncertainties existing in the market.