Best Ways to Protect Your CryptoCurrency

Safety is one of the top reasons why the majority of people tend to buy Cryptocurrency. They assume it as the most protected money form. The statement is true, but not all the time. No doubt, cryptocurrency brings more privacy and protection as compared to other forms of currency. Nevertheless, proper security measures should be taken to keep your cryptocurrency perfectly secure. In this write-up, you will discover the top three ways to look after your cryptocurrency investment.

Best Ways to Protect Your CryptoCurrency

Instantly Transfer to Wallet

Hackers try their best to attack exchange accounts. That’s the reason why cryptocurrency exchanges are always vulnerable to thefts. Leaving your cryptocurrency in the exchange account can be hazardous. Although advanced encryption makes it harder for hackers to break into any exchange, yet chances of attacks are always there. The best practice is to instantly transfer your cryptocurrency to your wallet. Don’t leave funds in your crypto account for a longer period.

Get Hardware Wallets

If you are looking for the best wallets to store your cryptocurrency, then hardware wallets are a perfect choice. Trustworthy crypto platforms such as Genesis11 strongly recommend using paper or hardware wallets. They are created just to protect Bitcoin and other similar types of cryptocurrencies. Those who look for an alternative can get paper wallets. Both of these wallets are not online. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the safety of your crypto funds. Hackers won’t be able to do any harm until you add money back to your online account.

Keep Changing Your Password

You might think that creating a password is no rocket science, but it needs your attention. Try to think of a long password that includes different characters, numbers, lower and capital letters. Creating a tough password is not the only thing that you should take care of. Make a habit of changing your password regularly. This will minimize the chances of theft or security breaches. Setting daily reminders to change the password is a good idea. Many computers have password managers, which can help you create strong random passwords.

Don’t Use Your Regular Email Address

Your regular email address must be shared with a lot of people. Your cryptocurrency could be at great risk if this gets hacked. That’s why try to create a separate email address solely for crypto purposes. Check out the Genesis11 review for in-depth info on crypto security. The email address you create should not include any information about yourself. Avoid using your name or any other info that can work as a hint for hackers.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Never forget to enable two-factor authentication on all of your cryptocurrency accounts. With that enabled, you’ll receive a verification code every time you log in to your account. This code can be sent either to your cell phone or email. You will have to enter the received code to successfully log in to your crypto account. It adds extra security layers to your account and makes it foolproof.