Waterman Bates Review 

Waterman Bates logoCryptocurrency trading is a difficult task. It is not about selecting a host of random cryptocurrencies and hoping that they will create the best profits in the future. Every successful cryptocurrency investors invest their time in creating and perfecting the best trading strategy.

It can take a lot of time and experience to get good at generating profits from crypto trading. Those who are looking for consultation and guidance in this regard can turn to Waterman Bates. Read this Waterman Bates review to know more about this broker.

What is Waterman Bates?

Waterman Bates is a cryptocurrency trading platform and broker that aims to offer trading assistance and opportunities for everyone. The platform has been operational for many years and works alongside trained financial professionals who are available for assistance at any given time for their users.

Waterman Bates trading platform

Waterman Bates offers its users a carefully selected list of cryptocurrency trading options that they can to their trading portfolio and generate massive profits. The platform is easy to use and offers customer support as well as consultation services for traders at every level.

Account Types

The users can get started with Waterman Bates by signing up. Many cryptocurrency trading platforms offer one or two account options for investors. However, Waterman Bates is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of traders at different levels and market exposure.

Therefore, when users sign up on the official website of this trading platform, they can choose from a range of 6 different account options.

This trading platform is not about rushing investors to create an account without arranging for the tools that are most suitable to their trading styles. At Waterman Bates, users can choose from a selection of account types, namely Micro, Basic, Advanced, Premium, Platinum, and Gold.

These account types offer a detailed description of the services and trading tools offered to them. In this manner, every single trader can take their time and select the only account type that is most suitable for their budget, trading exposure, profit goals, etc.

Trading Tools

When it comes to Waterman Bates, the users are put in charge of their trading journey. This is not the case with most trading platforms. Not only can the users get precise consultation and the required trading tools based on their requirements, but they also control the leverage.

When picking the right account type, the users can also upgrade the ratio of leverage they can earn based on every account tier escalation. Furthermore, many users are looking for trading accounts that offer Islamic banking options, making them appealing to a massive population.

Versatile Nature of Broker

There is a considerable percentage of cryptocurrency traders who are unable to trade because they are worried about Shariah compliance. However, Waterman Bates offers Islamic trading and Shariah Law-compliant accounts. In general, the bigger client reaches a trading platform host, the more stable, reliable, and liquid it is bound to become.

Therefore, the inclusion of more traders makes Waterman Bates a trading forum with universal client appeal and global traction.

Wide Range of Trading Instruments

Waterman Bates trading instruments

When it comes to trading online, most people are forced to fill their mobile phones with multiple applications and have to keep up the user interface and cost management for individual accounts. The good news for investors on Waterman Bates is that they can access much more than just cryptocurrencies.

Investors can create a diversified portfolio by adding stocks, indices, forex, and also commodities. For each of these trading options, there are also several variants available. For example, if the investors are interested in creating positions in commodities, they can work with spot metals, energies, agricultural yields, and many more.


Waterman Bates is a trading platform that addresses the most important issues that cryptocurrency investors have to face. This platform has managed to offer a vast array of trading options for its investors without complicating the user interface.

The users can sense the consideration and experience that defines Waterman Bates and makes it a reliable forum for traders everywhere.