In a recent report, it was included that Texas is very much in the deciding phase of making Bitcoin a permanent cryptocurrency that the state sanctions. This is just an intention and not a final draft of an action proposed by the state, which will be in effect immediately. Texas has, on the other hand, shown interest in becoming the home of Bitcoin. The support of the governor of Texas regarding Bitcoin runs a little deep; it is not only limited to proposing an idea within the Senate and then just supporting it verbally.

The governor has gone one step ahead to not only propose bills that would support the development of blockchain technology and help the companies to migrate within the state that wants to work with it, as he has strongly supported these campaigns himself. In a recent interview, the governor has even said that why not have crypto in all grocery stores? This means that the state really wants to employ Bitcoin as a payment option for locals as well as the international crowd.

Texas May Accept Bitcoin

This is just making cryptocurrency available to all, even in the grey disciplines of commerce and finance, such as grocery stores. There are even talks of an official blockchain summit that will surely take place in Texas; the governor has already met with the council twice to be able to show his support and determination to make Bitcoin a part of Texas. This might look like a very strong and vibrant development, but the global stance on Bitcoin has not changed even a bit.

China continues to ridicule those who are still mining Bitcoin within the region using its facilities and mining equipment. All e-commerce and local suppliers have cut their ties with the miners in regards to providing them with suitable mining equipment. Most of these minors have already left the country and are now approaching any and all friendly frontiers which would take them in so they can continue their mining activity. If Texas continues to support Bitcoin in the long run and makes it a viable option regarding payment for locals, then other states would definitely want to do the same, strengthening the adoption of Bitcoin within the country.