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Polar BTC logoIf you are taking time in choosing the right trading platform, you are doing the right thing. I have been through this phase, and I have to tell you that the more time you spend in evaluating the features of online exchanges, the better it is.

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There are many things that you will have to look for before you can pick your first trading partner. Yes, I am telling you that the trading platform that you use for trading is your trading partner. It provides you with all the resources that you need in order to trade successfully in the market. In addition to that, it gives you the opportunity to grow as a trader and become a professional.

Once you have grown as a trader, you can rely on your skills to make as much money as you want. However, it is a long journey and you have to pay attention to everything to make sure you step in the right direction.

Today, I will tell you about Polar BTC, which I have found to be a scrupulous online trading platform with all the features that cater to the needs of modern traders. It does not matter which country you hail from or what background you have, you will have some really nice trading features that will help you become the trader you have always dreamed of.

I consider it my job to tell you everything about this company so you can make the right decisions. So, in this Polar BTC review, I will be going into every single feature that it has to offer. Once you read this review, I am sure you will be in a position to make your decision quickly.

Security Comes First

In the modern times, security is the most important aspect that you have to pay attention to no matter what you are doing online. When you are in the digital world, you are connected to everyone else who is connected to this world. While this gives you the idea of a global village, I have to tell you that it brings you closer to the security issues as well.

There are people on the internet who don’t intend to do you any good. They are there to steal your information and websites with weak security measures are their primary targets. When you provide your personal details to these websites, they steal this information from these companies and use it to their advantage.

You can already imagine how much damage they can do to you when they have your driver’s license number or any identification number that identifies you as a unique individual. So, if you are signing up with an online company for any purpose, I recommend that you look into two things.

Firstly, you want to make sure the availability of SSL certificates on the website. Secondly, you want to make sure that the information that you are providing on the website will be encrypted. Encryption is the process of coding your information in such a way that it does not get recognized by any unauthorized person.

So, I have to tell you that your experience of signing up with Polar BTC will great because of this feature. If you are worried about the security of your information, you will not have to anymore.

This company protects your information in every possible way. It encrypts all the data that you provide on the website and stores it with all the security measures to ensure that you get the security for your information that you deserve.

Funds Segregation

Segregation of funds is yet another thing that you are going to love about this particular trading services provider. You have many online service providers that can give you a lot of reasons to sign up with them. However, I recommend that you give second thoughts to signing up with them when they don’t offer segregation of funds.

So, if you are new to trading, you will first have to understand what it really means to have your funds segregated. You see, when you sign up with an online company, you want them to act professionally with your money just like they expect you to be professional on their platform.

Their way of acting professionally is to not mix the money that you deposit in your trading accounts with the money they have in their accounts. How can they do that? Well, they have to keep these two different monies separately in separate accounts. That’s where segregated accounts come into play.

Polar BTC provides you with segregated funds, which means all the money that you deposit in your trading account goes into an account that the exchange has maintained at regulated bank only for you. This particular account is not for the money of the company itself.

What it means is that the company cannot put its own money in this account. All the money that belongs to the traders goes into this account. In a way, you can say that the trading services provider is giving you an indication that this money does not belong to it but you.

Convenient Deposits

Just because your money will be put into separate accounts does not mean that you will have to agree with everything else. So, there are many other issues that you have to pay attention to before you pick a company for trading services. I would like to bring your attention to the fact that depositing money in your account is not as easy as you might think in your mind.

You have to see that there are many companies that will ask you for many different types of fees and services charges only when you deposit funds in your account. That’s not a good feeling when you get to know about more expenses right when you are about to fund your trading account.

I am telling you here that you will not have to worry about any such charges when you sign up with Polar BTC. You will have to deposit funds in your account using the most convenient methods. However, there are no fees or service charges that you don’t know about when it comes to funding your account.

That’s something you have to give weight to because you will not always get this particular feature from every online trading service provider. In most cases, you will not have to pay anything to the exchange in the form of a commission when funding your account.

More importantly, you will be able to use the services that you have been relying on for many years. If you use your credit and debit card for making online transactions, I recommend that you use those methods for funding your account with Polar BTC.

If you wish to keep things safe through a bank wire transfer, I am glad to tell you that you have that option available to you as well. Lastly, you can use some electronic payment methods as well, which means that you can deposit money in your online trading account through e-payment as well. Isn’t that something that every modern trader can appreciate?

Assets from Many Markets

Don’t you love it when you have choices? The best thing is to have choices in terms of investments. Talk to any trader in the world who has been trading for many years, and they will tell you that diversification is the most important part of an online trading portfolio. So, here is something that I would like to explain to you here.

When you put your money in one asset, you are thinking about keeping things simple. However, this is not a great strategy because you can end up losing everything that you have invested. If it is just one asset that you want to trade, you will lose all the money that you have invested in it.

On the other hand, when you invest your money in many different assets, you can always recover from losses. How? Well, the thing is that you have your money in many assets, and when one of these assets goes down, you have many other assets that you can recover your money from.

Think about it, if you lose $100 in one asset that has lost its value, you could get $200 in an asset that has gained in value. That’s the reason most online experts will always tell you to invest in many assets at the same time. That’s also the reason you have so many traders loving the idea of being in many financial markets at the same time.

When you sign up with Polar BTC, you will have access to a variety of financial markets. I have to make it clear here that you will be accessing all of these assets in the form of CFDs. CFDs are contracts for differences that allow you to make money by speculating the price movements of the assets.

If you think you will be trading the real assets, that’s not the case. You will only be trading the contracts of the assets and making money from them when they move in the direction you have predicted. When you don’t own the asset, you are under no obligation of selling or purchasing it.

Now, you will be trading forex currency pairs when you sign up with Polar BTC. That’s just one of the many assets that you can trade here. In addition to that, you can also go for commodities that include energies, produce, and precious metals of many kinds.

You have in your access the stock CFDs from the best companies of the world. Or, if you feel like trading the stocks of many companies at the same time, you might want to familiarize yourself with the idea of trading indices. It is the same trading platform on which you will be trading all of these assets.

A Trading Platform You Can Rely On

The trading platform from Polar BTC is one of the best that you can experience as a trader. Since I have signed up with many companies in the past, I can tell you what I like about their trading platforms and what I hate. So, the first thing I want your attention towards is the ease or difficulty of using the trading platform.

You should look for a trading platform that you can use right from day one. You should not have to spend time in learning how to use the many features that you can see on the dashboard. Not to mention, everything should make sense to you at first glance.

There are certain trading softwares that offer you a variety of features. However, it is so difficult to use them that you lose your attention from trading and focus on them. In other words, you spend a lot of time doing something that you can completely avoid by changing your trading platform.

So, in this particular case, I have to tell you that the trading platform from Polar BTC is one of the easiest that you will learn within the first five minutes of use. There is nothing that will not make sense to you on this platform. The best thing is that you can customize the dashboard the way you want.

This means you will have the things that you care about in front of you at all times. On the other hand, you can completely ignore the things that don’t matter to you. The other important issue that today’s trading platforms have to address is that they have to be available to the modern traders in their modern lifestyles.

You can’t rely on a trading platform that only runs on a computer. If you can use your trading platform on your computer only, you will always have to be home to trade. However, you can’t be sure that the best opportunities of trading will arise only when you are home.

What if the best prices of an asset come when you are in the office? Or what about times when you are traveling and you still want to trade because you have heard some good news about a particular asset. The trading platform you will get from Polar BTC is one that you can use anywhere. It will run on your Android devices and iPhones.

If you have a Windows computer, you will be able to use it without any issues. Even if you have a Mac, you will have no hassle in using this trading platform. It does not matter which operating system or device you are using when you access this advanced trading platform from Polar BTC.

Polar BTC trading platform


I often find this particular notion very funny or interesting that so many new traders have no clue of this particular policy. When you sign up with online exchanges, you will often notice that they talk about AML and KYC policies. I recommend that you avoid all the companies that don’t have these policies in place.

They show how serious or non-serious the company is with you. So, if you have a company that follows these policies, you can be sure that you are trading with some ethical people. On the other hand, people who don’t care about these policies are often the ones that give their trading platforms to anyone for using.

However, I have to tell you that even online trading services providers cannot provide their platforms to anyone for using in any way they like. They have to make sure that they know every person who signs up with them. This is why they have the KYC policy.

This particular policy requires every online exchange to inquire its customers to provide them with proper identification information. If you have a company that has KYC policy in place, you will not be able to sign up with it unless you provide your personal information. In addition to that, you have to take care of the AML policy as well.

This policy is there for people who want to use online trading platforms only for storing the money that they have made through illegal means in their countries. They make this money in their countries by looting the poor nations and then hide this money on online trading platforms to stay away from their governments.

You will be surprised to know the huge number of people who do this. So, for the scrupulous online trading services providers, they don’t want to give their trading platforms to such people and that’s why they have the AML policies in place. AML stands for anti-money laundering if you have not figured that out already.

Polar BTC KYC and AML

Education and Training for Traders

What kind of education and training are you looking for when you sign up with an online company for trading? I have to tell you that the company that I am talking about right now really understands what training is all about. It really understands your concerns as a trader and provides you with a system that caters to every trading need that you can have.

So, when it comes to education, you are the one who can control the way you learn trading. If you want to learn the concepts through ebooks and videos, you will have no dearth of media that will teach you everything you need.

In addition to that, I love the fact that the company introduced private training sessions with the best experts of the industry. So, when you learn from ebooks and videos, you learn the concepts well. However, if you have any confusion in the way things have been explained in them, you have no one to ask the question from.

This confusion can keep you confused and upset as a trader for a long time unless something answers the questions you have on your mind. On the other hand, when you participate in private training sessions, you get to know everything that can be of any use to you.

You will ask these trainers every question that you have on your mind. In addition to that, you can go from a beginner trader to a professional with the type of trading they have on the website.

They explain what trading is all about and also give you knowledge of all the amazing advanced trading strategies that will help you trade in the most vulnerable market conditions. That’s the sign of a great trader that it can trade in any market conditions because it has the answer to every market movement.

Customer Support

I would hope for the exchange to provide its phone number on every page of its website. That’s not the case right now. If you want to get in touch with the company right now, you have two different methods. I have to tell you here that both these methods are pretty good.

Firstly, it is a passive method but you will learn a lot from it. So, the company has a detailed FAQs page on the website. This FAQs page will answer just about any question that you might have about the services or your trading experience with the company. In addition to that, you have a live chat feature on the website.

This particular feature is there for you to ask any questions that you might have from the people who know stuff. Land on the website, open the chat window, type your question, and get answers instantly.

Final Thoughts

At this point, I hope you have gotten all the details about all the features of this exchange. You can see that it has a complete trading platform with lots of features that will help you become a successful trader.

From education on trading to easy deposits and huge leverages, what is it that you will not get from Polar BTC With all of this information available to you, the decision is in your hands now?