OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoOrbitGTM, in my opinion, possesses all the attributes that a trustworthy broker should have for a good experience in online trading. The online trading sector has grown in popularity and reputation in recent years. There was a time when online trading platforms were only available to technology consumers, commonly known as software geeks. Things have changed dramatically over time, and more individuals are now participating in online trading platforms. I will cover all of the broker’s features in this OrbitGTM review.

Although the online trading business has been operating for over two decades, few people trust it and rely on it as much as they do the real-time trading industry. People have a hard time trusting the online trading sector because of its nature and the industry’s insecurity owing to a lack of rules.

When the epidemic strikes the whole planet, however, everything changes. Due to extensive lockdowns and curfews imposed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, millions of people lost their employment. During the pandemic, safeguards and SOPs were implemented to minimize more individuals from being infected or dying. However, the scenario had a significant negative influence on the global population’s financial condition.

During the epidemic, the whole world’s economy hit rock bottom, and all stock markets collapsed. This was the period when the world needed financial companies and economic behemoths the most, but they were nowhere to be found since they were too preoccupied with limiting the damage to aid individuals with their financial problems.

It was at this time when the online trading platform became the sole means by which individuals could continue to earn money and put meals on their tables. People discovered a method to make it through the tough times by using a broad choice of online trading instruments.

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What’s Happening in the Online Trading Industry?

People all around the globe understood the necessity of having a remote or digital financial solution ready and available as a result of the pandemic so that if a similar scenario arises, the world would be prepared to tackle it head-on.

Statistics show that the online trading platform currently has more than 200 million users, up from less than 50 million in 2018. As a result, the statistic itself demonstrates how much acceptance and reputation the online trading sector has received in recent years.

While the cryptocurrency sector as a whole has grown in popularity and achieved significant development, the online trading industry has taken a turn for the worst. Before the online trading business became overburdened with so many users and investors, the resources available were adequate to meet the demands of the users.

However, when the number of customers surpassed 200 million, several brokers began to lose control of the situation. These brokers have never dealt with so many customers, so much stress, so many transactions, and, most crucially, so many investments before.

Many online trading firms have gotten off course and are now only focused on getting investors to deposit large sums of money. In just two years, many online trading brokerages’ service standards have deteriorated to the point where many long-term clients have lost faith in them.

As a consequence, many investors have begun looking at alternative ways to invest and earn profits. People have begun to lose trust and faith in the online trading business as a result of the fact that many online trading brokerages are now offering substandard services and are hesitant to improve themselves.

OrbitGTM is a game-changer

While the majority of online trading brokers are to blame for the online trading platform’s poor image, brokerages like OrbitGTM are striving to make a difference via their devotion and hard work.

OrbitGTM is an online trading brokerage that aims to give investors the same services that they used to obtain from conventional online trading brokers. The brokerage isn’t trying to persuade clients to give up their money in the form of deposits or fees/charges; instead, it wants to help customers develop their trading profiles and empower them to make better decisions in online transactions.

OrbitGTM was launched by a team of specialists with extensive experience in trading, development, and analysis. OrbitGTM has become the face of success and development in the online trading business for investors as a result of the confluence of these elements.

The brokerage tries to give its investors a one-of-a-kind, dependable, safe, secure, and user-friendly trading platform so that they do not have any doubts about the company’s reputation. Regardless of the service, facility, or advantage, it is clear that OrbitGTM is truly committed to assisting investors in every way possible.

OrbitGTM Provides Online Trading Accounts

OrbitGTM account types

The majority of online trading brokerages are not accustomed to performing all of their study or spending hours researching the abilities, expertise, attention, and standards they must meet for their clients. Many online trading brokerages simply provide investors with a sample account via which they may test trades and transactions.

After the user has completed the above methods of learning trading, the investor is thrust into the current markets with little information, facilities, or perks available to him or his family. Investors in online trading marketplaces are entirely clueless and without anyone to assist them in understanding the trading scenario.

OrbitGTM, on the other hand, operates in a completely different way. Instead of providing investors with a demo account with no assistance or advice, OrbitGTM offers a wide choice of online trading accounts from which they may pick depending on their trading skill and experience. OrbitGTM is now recognized for providing its investors with six distinct types of trading accounts, which are mentioned below for your convenience:

  • Bronze Account

This is the most basic trading account offered by OrbitGTM, and it is available to investors by making a minimum deposit of €50. Once the investor has invested and obtained the bronze trading account, he or she is entitled to several benefits. Investors can participate in weekly trading sessions using a bronze trading account. Aside from the weekly trading sessions, investors get access to a personal account manager who is always ready to provide them their full attention and assistance.

  • Silver Account

This account is the second on the list, and it comes with additional services and perks for investors to take advantage of once they gain access to the account. Any user can obtain access by making a minimum investment of €5,000.

After making a deposit, investors have access to OrbitGTM’s additional services and benefits. The weekly trading sessions and full access to OrbitGTM’s education center are just a few of the most notable perks and services that the silver account offers.

In addition, investors are supported by a personal account manager who is always by their side to watch their trading actions and give the best solution or approach. These experts can assist and educate investors in understanding how to evaluate the progress of online trading and when to decide what is best.

Each investor’s profile is allocated to a professional account manager, whose job is to monitor their trading activity and provide comments on their trades. He’s also in charge of ensuring that the investors have full assistance and direction in making decisions before they become self-sufficient and can handle things on their own.

  • Platinum Account

The ‘Platinum’ trading account is next on the list, and it provides additional benefits to investors. The trading marketplaces and circumstances, on the other hand, are becoming more difficult. If investors think they are up to the challenges and difficulties of this account, they must make a minimum investment of €25,000 to access it.

Investors who obtain access to the platinum trading account receive access to weekly trading sessions, comprehensive training, complete access to the education center, and ten educational sessions with OrbitGTM’s senior staff.

In addition, the professional account chief analyst, who is a specialist in all elements of online trading, is assigned to the investors’ trading profile. They offer you the most appropriate and lucrative trading guidance based on their experience and knowledge, and they keep a close eye on your account to keep you oriented on the correct path.

  • Diamonds Account 

With the ‘Diamond’ trading account, the obstacles and circumstances grow more difficult, putting all of the investors’ expertise and knowledge to the test. However, the incentives and earnings that investors receive are also superior. Investors must make a minimum investment of €50,000 to obtain access to this trading account.

Investors have access to a wide range of services and advantages after making a deposit. Weekly trading sessions, complete access to the education center, comprehensive educational packages, and weekly private training sessions are just a few of the key offerings.

Investors also receive a senior account chief analyst and a variety of other benefits that may be confirmed by contacting the account manager.

  • VIP Account

OrbitGTM now offers the highest trading level in the form of a ‘VIP’ trading account. This account comes with a wide range of services and perks, but it’s also jam-packed with challenging trading markets and intense trading obstacles. Investors must make a minimum investment of €200,000 to get access to the VIP trading account.

Once the investment is placed, the investors get access to a whole new set of services and advantages. Weekly trading sessions, complete access to the education center, a high-quality education package, and weekly training sessions are among the most popular offerings.

Investors will be able to create a savings account with OrbitGTM, obtain access to the VIP trading program, receive assistance from the senior account chief analyst, and plenty of other benefits.

OrbitGTM Provides a Variety of Trading Instruments

The bulk of online trading brokerages stick to one or two trading instruments when it comes to providing trading instruments. The lack of knowledge and experience in plenty of other online trading instruments is the major reason for sticking with fewer trading products.

The biggest disadvantage of an online trading broker that provides fewer trading instruments is that investors will seek out a different brokerage that specializes in all key trading instruments.

The primary online trading instruments are currency, equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies in the online trading industry. Fortunately, all of these products are covered by OrbitGTM for investors that choose the brokerage.

The brokerage has a staff of experienced traders and analysts that specialize in assisting clients with all of the listed trading instruments. The analysts and specialists at OrbitGTM give investors all of the insights and finest trading alternatives using extremely complex tools, algorithms, and analysis, ensuring that none of their trading efforts or money go to waste.

  • Forex

Forex trading, the oldest and most treasured trading tool, entails the selling and buying of trading pairs such as EUR/USD, JPY/GBP, and others. If an investor decides to trade forex with OrbitGTM, they should be aware that OrbitGTM not only provides fiat currency pairings but also cryptocurrency pairs.

This implies that investors trading via OrbitGTM have access to over 180 fiat currencies and over 2,000 cryptocurrencies to select from when trading FX. OrbitGTM provides investors with access to all main and small currency trading marketplaces.

  • Stocks

In the online trading sector, stock trading is among the most popular instruments. It lets investors buy stock in both small and large firms like Apple, Tesla and Samsung, and many more. Once the shares’ prices have matured and become advantageous to the investors, the investors can sell them.

Investors may choose from the best stock trading markets when trading stocks with OrbitGTM, and the observations, indicators, and information given by the trading professionals at OrbitGTM can guarantee that none of the investors’ decisions result in a loss.

  • Commodities

Whenever it comes to commodities trading, the specific instrument has hundreds of sub-instruments to choose from. As a result, OrbitGTM has chosen the commodities trading market’s most traded and highly requested trading sub-instruments.

Investors at OrbitGTM can choose between gold and oil, which are the most widely traded sub-instruments. Whatever the market situation, these two instruments usually manage to produce quicker and more powerful than any other instruments. This is why OrbitGTM concentrates all of its knowledge on these two instruments.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading is the newest addition to the internet trading sector, with more than 100 million users. There are over 2,000 cryptocurrencies available at the moment, but cryptocurrency professionals and analysts are recognized for always selecting the finest for investors.  This keeps investors up to date and well-informed, allowing them to make confident judgments.

OrbitGTM’s educational program

Because OrbitGTM is a customer-focused online trading firm, it places a premium on the trading profiles of its clients. It guarantees that investors have adequate knowledge, information, insights, fundamentals, and all of the information they need to make their own trading decisions. OrbitGTM has incorporated the following in its teaching program to attain this goal:

  • Video

Due to their hectic lives, many individuals nowadays choose to watch a video where they can see and hear everything rather than reading it. This is why OrbitGTM has to put together films for investors so that they can go through the various buying and selling sessions that are done by OrbitGTM’s trading experts.

  • Books

Those who prefer to read instructions and directions rather than watch videos can opt for the books option. Investors at OrbitGTM have the opportunity of reading e-books that are packed with information on trading instruments, trading methods, and trading tips and tricks. These e-books were written by OrbitGTM’s trading specialists, and they also include the experts’ trading experiences.

  • News

Trading with OrbitGTM, investors get access to the most up-to-date news and information on their chosen trading instruments. This guarantees that investors never miss a single update or trading opportunities that may prove to be extremely rewarding.

  • Charts

The trading patterns of the instruments that investors select to trade-in are shown by these charts. Investors have accessibility to charts even before deciding on a trading instrument. Investors may use these charts to see an instrument’s trading trend and opt to choose if it appears to be better than the others.

  • Calendar of Economic Events

The economic calendar is offered so that investors may keep track of any future economic or trade events that could impact the cost and demand of the asset they’re trading. Investors may make better selections and choices depends on the financial calendar.

  • Glossary for Traders

There are numerous words and abbreviations used in the online trading sector that a layman would be unfamiliar with, and as a result, investors frequently find themselves in a terrible situation. This is why OrbitGTM has set up a complete page on its webpage to offer as much detail as possible to investors to clear up any doubts.


OrbitGTM is committed to delivering the safest and trustworthy trading platform to its investors. The brokerage strives to provide its clients with the most legal, and secure trading environment platform possible. This is why OrbitGTM strives to follow the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering rules to the letter.

OrbitGTM guarantees that its investors enjoy comfort when trading with them and have no fears or concerns about their assets and money by complying with KYC and AML standards. OrbitGTM also guarantees that it complies with all rules, ensuring that it does not engage in any illegal or criminal actions, whether knowingly or accidentally.

Customer Service

OrbitGTM understands the importance of having reliable, competent, and knowledgeable customer assistance is necessary for any company to run effectively and without problems. This is why OrbitGTM has assembled a group of extremely intelligent, experienced, and well-trained customer service agents.  OrbitGTM offers 24/7 customer service through phone and email to its investors.


The trading industry is a rapid environment that never stops. It’s easy to lose sight of time and miss an opportunity to make the best decision possible. However, because OrbitGTM customer support is available 24 hours a day, traders can be certain that they are speaking with the right consultants when they need it most. A variety of trading instruments and accounts make it more reliable. In my opinion, you should give a try to this platform for a brilliant trading experience.