AMC is known for its out of the curtain appearance for adopting cryptocurrencies that are doing great in terms of increasing in value and price over time. The movie giant has reportedly come forward many times to adopt cryptocurrencies that are mainstream, show promise for the future, and are quite popular among common people. It has many times shown interest but actually never adopted them legally. It might sound a little strange at first, but it is the movie industry we are talking about; what can one say?

AMC has shown interest in accepting Shiba Inu and using it as a mode of payment for movie tickets, buying merchandise, and performing other transactions by the people. AMC doesn’t only produce movies and TV shows but has one of the most tempting theatre chains in the world. If AMC wishes to adopt Shiba Inu crypto for real, then it will find a large portion of its usage in the theatres only; it might not have the time to be introduced in the rest of AMC’s operations.

AMC Asks Twitter Followers about Accepting Shiba Inu as a Mode of Payment

The CEO of AMC, Adam Aaron, has set up a poll on Twitter asking the audience if the company should consider adopting the Dogecoin killer. Adam might be killing two birds with a single stone here, asking about the perspective of people regarding this adoption, and at the same time advertising this move to AMC’s followers. When the voters were done casting and the poll was calculated, it was a whopping 82.5% in favor of Shiba Inu. Another announcement on Twitter by Adam was that customers can now use crypto to buy gift cards and other merchandise, but it is not everything regarding announcements from the movie giant.

As it happens, AMC is currently busy writing the code which would allow the conglomerate to be able to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ether. Elon Musk strangely remains quiet on this whole thing; it is quite unlike him not to respond to any Twitter update regarding Shiba Inu. It is possible that Elon has given up on this whole crusade in which he influences the crypto market to opt for Dogecoin; it has certainly proven to be a futile effort till now.