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Jane Castor has currently become the fourth mayor in the United States who has, this week, expressed the will to approve the dispensation of pays in Bitcoin. She stated this in response to the escalation trend, which has challenged U.S. politicians to validate Bitcoin (BTC). Castor announced this while appearing at the Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit. An event backed by Celsius (a network for providing financial services over blockchain) to urge Nuke Goldstein (the CTO and co-founder of Celsius) to individually assist in facilitating her BTC payments. She stated that Nuke pushed her to take the challenge from a few mayors to approve payments in Bitcoin. However, she mentioned, she required some responsible adult to instruct her regarding the matter.

US Mayors and Bitcoin adoption

Anthony Pompliano, a famous Bitcoin investor, began the politicians’ challenge on 2nd November, instantly having the confirmation from Francis Suarez (the Mayor of Miami) and the second being Eric Adams (the next Mayor of New York). Pompliano is currently advising the residents of the city to observe if their mayors have support for Bitcoin. Tampa has recently been described as the most swiftly developing fintech city across the United States. The city is also considered as the chief tech city across Florida before the more broadly publicized Miami.

Bitcoin gets into the city politics of the United States

On 16th July this year, Jackson Scott Conger, the Mayor of Tennessee, declared the establishment of a task force for blockchain that would study the possible ways for the city to approve the Bitcoin payments for property tax. Conger also stated that the step was stimulated through the US dollar’s absurd inflation rate. Jayson Steward, the Mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, mentioned in the latter days of September that 1,000 would be provided by him to each household in the form of Bitcoin only to promote Bitcoin’s representation of optimism and hope for the coming times.

The entry of Bitcoin into the political arena of the United States has experienced a boost on behalf of the scandalous infrastructure bill has ignited flames across the Congress during August, as well as demarcated senators such as Tom Cruz, Ron Wyden, Pat Toomey, and Cynthia Lummis to be the Bitcoin proponents.