MAINROW logoYou don’t have to look for another broker other than MAINROW if you want to trade with safety and peace of mind. MAINROW is one of the finest brokers we’ve ever seen, and you’ll understand why as we go through our MAINROW review. You may hear the statement that finding the right broker is a tricky and tough task. This statement is true. The traders who have been in this market for some time will surely agree to this.

So, what should you do as a beginner trader? You need to conduct research, sort out some online traders and study them thoroughly, compare their features and see which one meets your demands. But isn’t it a time-consuming task? It really is. To make things easy for you, I conducted thorough research for you, and if you ask me of a reputable and reliable trading broker, I would suggest you MAINROW. You want to know why to let me tell you in this MAINROW review.

While looking for a broker, you have to look for the following features. Trading platform, account types, asset offering, customer support, and most importantly, compliance to security regulations are the features you shouldn’t ignore while choosing a broker for you. All of these MAINROW features are brilliant and offer top-notch service to make the trading experience smooth and profitable. MAINROW offers its clients quick information as well as effective trading instruments and tools, allowing users from all around the world to benefit from some of the best tools and assets available. In this MAINROW review, you can learn everything about this broker. Make sure you read to the end to get a complete picture of what MAINROW has to offer so you can make a sensible decision.

This broker also effortlessly complies with all Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer laws and rules, and it employs the most recent and secured encrypted software & technology to safeguard its client’s and traders’ cash. When you join up with this broker, your private details will never be shared with anybody, and your trading trip will be safe.

In addition, all of the capabilities, features, services, and procedures perform flawlessly. The very inventive trading platform may be utilized in conjunction with a variety of helpful trading tools, and the robust asset index provides lots of choice and diversity. The instructional resources are excellent and practical, and they come in handy more frequently than you may imagine.

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Assets Offering

When it comes to this broker’s asset offering and the types of trading assets you’ll be able to employ, you should understand that MAINROW has a wide range of options. Hundreds of thousands of unique trading assets are available in various areas of the financial market. It is, however, critical to select a broker that concentrates on providing you with some of the greatest and highest-quality trading assets. This is because, while there are a plethora of assets to trade in this market, there are several assets that, in terms of online trading, may not provide you with the sort of profits you want, and thus trading in these assets may prove to be a mistake. That stated, no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance it’ll be accessible when you join up with MAINROW.

To that purpose, MAINROW offers forex, cryptocurrencies, equities, commodities, and indices as some of the main areas of trading assets to traders. All of these assets are in high demand and are often regarded as the best to trade regularly. As a result, traders from all around the world use these assets regularly to engage in a variety of trading activities. You can thus broaden your portfolio to your heart’s delight thanks to MAINROW’s asset index, which is a criterion that should always be strongly considered before choosing any broker.

Having a diverse portfolio not only lessens your chances of suffering significant losses but also improves your chances of making more money as you’ll have involved in a broader range of trading assets. Traders should be aware that each asset kind has distinct requirements for use and offers varied rewards depending on a variety of factors, so doing homework on each asset ahead of time is always a wise plan.

Account Options

Not many brokers offer more than one or two trading accounts, but MAINROW offers six trading account. Broker realizes that each trader has different trading needs and budgets. The most basic account for beginners is a Standard Account that can be opened with 10,000 USD. On this account, you will get a 20% welcome bonus, weekly market analysis, account manager, along with other features explained in this review. Bronze Account can be opened with $25,000. You will get all features of the Standard Account along with additional features.

The third account on the list is Silver Account that requires a $50,000 minimum investment to register. Gold Account requires 100,000 USD. While the minimum investment for a Platinum account is set for $250.000. VIP account is designed for professional traders, and it requires 1 million USD to create. On this account, traders will get a 70% welcome bonus, multi-lingual customer care assistance, VIP events, premium account manager, algo trading, customizing options for the platform and educational assistance, and no fee for withdrawals.

Besides these trading accounts, you can open saving accounts with MAINROW. Main Silver, Main Gold, Main Platinum, and Main VIP are four saving accounts that this broker offers to its traders. I am sure there must be a trading account that meets your trading demands.


Next, we’ll go over MAINROW’s registration process. Many other online brokers make the process of joining up unnecessarily complicated, although it should be one of, if not the, simplest connected with any online brokerage. With this in mind, this brokerage firm named MAINROW has simplified the registration procedure by directing you to the broker’s official website and navigating to the registration part through the ‘Sign Up’ link.

Once there, you would be requested to enter some data about yourself that may include your complete name, a functioning email address, your place of residence, and a working phone number. You would also be needed to create a password where we recommend that you choose alphanumeric characters because they are known to be better in terms of encryption and are also less likely to be abused by anybody.

That being said, once you’ve completed all of the fields, you’ll be able to upload the information. Keep in mind, however, that MAINROW has the right to request any additional paperwork or information that it deems relevant to the registration on a scenario basis. Typically, this is determined by the traders’ particular facts, such as their country of residency and any other pre-existing data based on the past, which may necessitate additional verification or clarification. Having said that, the full registration procedure takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes and may be completed pretty early on without encountering any serious issues.

This is fantastic since it helps customers to get to the point of joining up with the brokerage much more quickly, namely, to start trading and generating money. Finally, please keep in mind that only traders above the age of 18 may join up with MAINROW and utilize the broker’s services and features. You should also make sure that you will utilize the same account currency for both withdrawals and deposits. Finally, there are also not any hidden fees or surprise expenditures associated with registering.

Trading Platform

MAINROW trading platform

The trading platform will be our first topic of discussion. A trading platform is a program that is used to execute all of your trades. When it comes to selecting an online broker for yourself, having a robust, diverse, and dependable trading platform is essential. A good trading platform is among the main factors why you will eventually choose an online broker to perform your online trading in the future. Choosing a broker that offers a great trading platform virtually assures a smooth trading experience. It is a fact that if the trading platform lacks the necessary tools and capabilities, as well as is hard and complicated to use, the total trading experience will be tough and unnecessary complex.

That’s why MAINROW decided to create its trading platform, which means you’ll get some top-notch features and tools that you won’t find anywhere else. Because the broker has easily allowed web-based trading, you can access this platform from nearly any device. You can also use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or any other device with an Internet connection to access it. If you wish to access the trading platform, you won’t have to download anything at all and go through any tedious and time-consuming installation procedures.

When we compare all of the many trading platforms that are accessible today by various online brokers, it becomes evident that many of these other options tend to overlook the trading platform in front of improving other features. As a result, it comes as no surprise that not every platform is developed equal, and not every platform is useful to the same degree. As a result, you should look out for the trading platform of every online brokerage before deciding which one is right for you.

However, when it refers to MAINROW, it’s clear from the start that this is amongst the finest trading platforms we’ve ever seen, with users from all around the world using it regularly. Their platform is also incredibly straightforward to browse, which is a huge advantage for traders who want to get started making more revenue without any flaw or lag time. It’s also really convenient because you don’t have to install anything or go through any lengthy setup procedures.

Additionally, traders of various backgrounds, levels of experience, and skills are welcome to use this trading platform since MAINROW strives to accommodate everybody’s tastes and understanding. Flexibility, detailed charting, an innovative and easy interface, and an extremely professional appearance are just a few of the characteristics of this broker’s trading platform. There are also trading signals, price notifications, market updates, and much more. As a result, we strongly recommend checking out the broker’s online trading platform for yourself, as it is unquestionably one of the best.

Educational Assistance

Let us now discuss educational assistance. As with any business nowadays and not just the online trade, there is a continual need to educate oneself on all of the many themes, issues, concepts, and terminology within any specific industry to consistently grow on it. The online trading market is no exception, and you should preferably choose a broker that provides such educational tools that you can use daily to drastically increase your knowledge and understanding, level of expertise, and overall experience.

That being stated, MAINROW has established an ‘Education Center’ where you can access such instructional information, which is certain to be of great help to you or any other trader who wants to participate in educating themselves. Some of the most beneficial instructional tools that we discovered to be of excellent use to traders included a selection of eBooks that covered a wide range of themes and were, in our opinion, relatively straightforward to read and understand. You may also discover many blogs and articles, all of which have been properly reviewed to ensure that all of the information offered to traders is true and up to date.

You may also participate in various webinars, which are usually intriguing since they allow you to network with other people in the online trade sector and perhaps know more than you would typically be able to if you just read a text or watch a video. This is because when you attend the webinars, you will be hearing from industry professionals and experts who have advanced in their careers, and there is no better instructor than hands-on experience.

Aside from that, you may benefit from a variety of courses as well as countless training tutorials. You may even have access to other types of market analysis. Finally, there will be a dictionary to help you keep track of all the definitions, concepts, and terminology in one spot. After everything is said and done and having such a varied choice of instructional tools to assist you along your trading path is critical, and it is wonderful that MAINROW has recognized the necessity of having such teaching materials easily available. Furthermore, most, if not all, of the aforementioned instructional materials are available for free after registering with the brokerage.

Customer Service

Finally, let us discuss MAINROW’s customer care service. It is no surprise that many traders confront unanticipated troubles and unexpected situations, which may be devastating if not addressed quickly and effectively. To that end, a dependable customer service team is frequently required to resolve these difficulties swiftly and efficiently. Furthermore, the response timing of such a service is critical since it determines if a broker is finally judged to be dependable or whether it is seen to be weak.

Having said that, we fully feel that MAINROW’s customer support service is first-rate, with some of the fastest response times we’ve ever seen in this industry. Not only just many traders consistently express their gratitude towards the customer service, but a big part of these people have also stated that if there was not any assistance provided by MAINROW’s customer support team, the whole trading experience would have been effectively ruined. As a result, there are a few options for contacting the broker’s highly qualified team.

You can call the broker directly using the phone number shown on the broker’s official site, or you can write an email using the address listed on the same website. You may also request a call-back or fill out an online form that is also available on their site under the ‘Contact’ button), that will ask for your complete name, a functional mobile number, and an email address, as well as a brief note detailing the problem you’re having.

The customer support staff itself is made up of highly qualified employees, market professionals, and industry executives who are ready to assist you at any time. This type of support is frequently required in this market since the last thing you want is to trade normally and then meet some kind of unanticipated difficulty that may not be resolved in time, putting your entire trading trip in jeopardy.


Finally, we can fairly say that MAINROW is an exceptional broker that has already assisted many traders, not only the beginners, in getting started but also raising the profits on different individual investments.

Overall, MAINROW is among the greatest online brokerages we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. We evaluated several different brokers, but few can touch the sheer quality supplied by this broker. Asset offering is diverse, which means this is a versatile broker. The registration process is easy, payment methods are convenient. Lastly, the customer service is outstanding, and their response timing is also amazing. If you are at all interested in online trading, you should investigate MAINROW, and we would invite you to visit and check out the broker’s official website.