About the company

GMT Trading was established with the goal of catering to a global audience of traders, with a passion for the markets and for simple instruments like CFDs. This brand is committed to working on customers’ behalf, ensuring stable conditions, whether markets are calm or volatile.

Those who are already working with the broker have access to competitive spreads, decent execution, flexible margin requirements, and a multitude of funding options. GMT Trading operates in line with modern trading standards, while also being flexible enough to adjust its offer anytime the market demands it.

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GMT Trading and CFDs

Trading with the broker means access to a comprehensive list of CFDs, based on popular assets like forex and crypto. Retail traders today tend to adopt a conservative approach, preferring to have a wide array of assets to choose from. Depending on your risk profile, an account with GMT Trading can satisfy any kind of asset demand.

In order to ensure smooth conditions when trading online, this company is backed by a team of experts in the financial industry. They are responsible for keeping the infrastructure up and running all the time. Markets can go up or down, and sentiment might change in a short span. CFDs are tailored assets for such conditions since you can buy on the way up, or sell when the bears are in control over the order flow.

GMT Trading main features

The gateway to the financial markets is MetaTrader 4, a reputable platform packed with many trading tools. This is the main solution available with the broker, but it comes in different versions, to cover any type of device you might have.

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Access to other trading features depends on the account type you choose. GMT Trading has an interesting offer, designed to satisfy any trader. Basic, Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro are your options, and depending on the capital available for funding, you can make the appropriate pick for yourself.

A trading account can be denominated in EUR, USD, or GBP, while the main deposit methods currently accepted by the broker are credit/debit cards and wire transfers. The minimum deposit requirement is 250 USD and when it comes to withdrawals, you are required to withdraw at least 100 units via credit card, or 1,000 via wire transfer.

All of these details are transparently shared by GMT Trading, so customers know how things stand even before opening an account.

Contact GMT Trading

The contact section on the company’s website shares a few phone numbers and the official email support address. Starting with the Standard accounts, customers benefit from an account manager as well, who is available during working hours to answer any trading-related questions. It’s possible to get in touch with a representative even before signing up for an account.

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Ending thoughts

GMT Trading seems like a decent CFD brokerage, aware of what retail traders expect to get in 2022. There are plenty of assets you can trade and with software like MT4, you don’t need to worry about performance. These services can be accessed by anyone, given the low deposit requirements currently in place.