Global Solution logoWith the widespread adoption of trading practices globally, many trading brokers have come into the picture to address the requirements of diverse kinds of traders. Global Solution is a versatile broker with a comprehensive range of assets and multiple account types, giving the freedom of choice to traders.

About the brand

Global Solution is an online trading platform where market enthusiasts can approach various financial markets amid optimal trading conditions. The broker integrates its leading WebTrader platform marked by a user-friendly interface and multiple functionalities, allowing traders to smoothly manage their trade positions. Moreover, the brand includes various account types with different deposit limits and features tailored for traders from every expertise level.

At Global Solution, members can also get help from the multi-channel support team, educational sessions, and financial news listings to enhance their knowledge or trading skills. Furthermore, the platform accommodates live-market quotes, an economic calendar, swift execution rates, and a range of payment methods to facilitate clients’ trading experience. Altogether, Global Solution assimilates outstanding trading technology, robust security standards, and advanced features to establish a simplified and intuitive environment for traders.

About Global Solution


Global Solution provides various asset types to assist users in broadening their trading approach. The broker allows members to trade in the most liquid market today (forex), alongside the stock market with multiple leverage options and intuitive features.

The brand also integrates leading indices from a variety of sectors as well as widely-traded commodities like gold, crude oil and wheat. Additionally, at Global Solution, clients can engage with digital currencies as well to take advantage of this relatively new asset class.

Account types

Global Solution maintains seven account types to simplify the trading journey of clients with different levels of experience. Following are the account options with the number of available assets.

  • Basic:100+ assets
  • Bronze: 100+ assets
  • Silver: 300+ assets
  • Gold: 500+ assets
  • Platinum: 1000+ assets
  • Diamond: 5000+ assets
  • Black: 5000+ assets

Note that higher account levels sustain more exclusive services than the basic accounts. For instance, Diamond and Black account holders are provided with wealth management services, higher leverage, minimal spreads, video courses, and corporate signals.

Trading platform

Global Solution WebTrader is an all-in-one, web-based trading platform integrating the latest technology and multiple tools to support traders. With this platform, users can employ complex trading strategies by utilizing advanced indicators, numerous order types, charting suites, and trading objects.

By using WebTrader, traders can take full control of their opened positions and access up-to-date market data, live price quotes, and trading history.

Global Solution WebTrader


  • A variety of financial assets.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • Seven types of accounts.


  • Members can only trade with one type of trading platform.
  • Withdrawals are charged a transaction fee.


Global Solution is a brokerage service that incorporates a variety of financial assets, numerous account types, and multiple educational products all in one place. The broker also consolidates a web-based trading platform with customized analysis tools to maintain a smooth trading channel for market participants. On the whole, Global Solution institutes a secure and high-technology trading system where members can conveniently achieve their trading goals. In light of all of this, we conclude the review with a recommendation to give Global Solution a try.