CityCoins declared to launch an NYCCoin, after witnessing pro-crypto comments from the incoming mayor of NYC (New York City). As per the announcement, the mining activation regarding NYCCoin is planned for 10th November. CityCoins stated that initiation of mining could be possible following the signal of activation from at least twenty independent wallets after the contract deployment. It also mentioned that the activation of NYCCoin would be possible only via mining, with no ICO, pre-mine, or pre-sale.

CityCoins disclosed that it selected NYC (New York City) because of the positive comments of Eric Adams (the incoming mayor of the city). A community lead at CityCoins “Patrick Stanley” revealed that they voted for the selection of the next city. Though another consideration was Austin, nonetheless the recent week’s remarks of Adams pushed the community to decide in the favor of NYC. Adams tweeted a response by noting that they are happy for the organization to work in the city and participate in its goal of becoming a web3 home.

Adams and crypto

Following his victory in the electoral race in the recent week, Adams spoke a significant favor for digital currencies, mentioning the strategies to develop the city into a more crypto-friendly place. Firstly, he uncovered, he would figure out the possible hindrances in the way of crypto and Bitcoin growth across the city, being a portion of a bigger push to assist the city is becoming more business-friendly. Following, Adams had indicated the achievement of Francis Suarez (the Mayor of Miami) with MiamiCoin, mentioning that he sought to get such an opportunity for NYC. MiamiCoin has up till now earned $21 for the city, since the launch of the token by the CityCoins in August.

Crypto payment and young New Yorkers

While boosting the spirit of friendly competition, it was declared Adams to receive crypto as his one month’s salary. On learning that no straightway was available for him to get paid as he thought, Adams described that he would prioritize for the citizens of New York to receive the paychecks thereof in cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Adams highlighted constructing a channel of young people, having the ability to occupy these jobs as well as comprehend the latest technology. He also noted that such jobs should participate to a great extent in the job market. He concluded by recommending the crypto education be included in the school syllabuses.