In May 2022, Bluemoon Metaverse had a very successful demonstration of its technology with over 22,000 spectators watching. While it is not something that you hear every day about, Bluemoon Metaverse looks good on paper and developers have enough humility to take the building process carefully.

The recent interview with the creators of this project revealed their huge plans for 2023.

Bluemoon looks better than its competitors

While the advantage of this project is marginal and many other metaverse platforms have been doing poorly in the PR department, Bluemoon is still a very interesting gaming/social experience. Unlike other companies like Earth 2 or Decentraland, this project is focusing on developing the virtual world first and promoting it second.

It has been an interesting journey with developers who aim to build an easy-to-access metaverse experience not limited by hardware. The current goal is to build a world that can be easily explored and used by people with smartphones, VR headsets, powerful PCs, and even gaming consoles.

Whether this ambition will turn into reality remains a point of discussion.

Without proper funding, projects of such scale cannot take off the ground and require heavy promotion. In 2023, the team will be hosting a variety of entertainment and educational events in the metaverse to showcase its capabilities.

The virtual world is already something that users can create. You only need to login and start using tools provided by Bluemoon.

The world will be implementing NFTs, online trading, and many other features that are often associated with blockchain projects. However, the main attraction is the accessibility of the platform and the ease with which users can leverage the power of building tools.

Promotions will be focused on attracting partners

The biggest priority for the development team is to showcase the potential of the metaverse to commercial users who will be able to sell their goods and services within the virtual world. NFT collections are only a tiny part of what will be possible in the Bluemoon world. We hope that the dev team has something big to show in the next year!