Introducing Bitnomics

Bitnomics is active in the crypto exchange world, offering interesting and attractive services for both retail and corporate customers. Founded in Estonia and holding a license to operate as an exchange, it’s in a favorable position to provide transparent rates in a market that continues to be turbulent.

Unlike other companies that sadly seem to be focused on a short-term approach, Bitnomics is aiming to become a leading name in this space. It does so by relying on a team of highly motivated and experienced people, who make sure that the client experience is optimal and that the infrastructure runs smoothly all the time.

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Bitnomics exchange accounts

Based on the information shared by the exchange on its website, Bitnomics caters to a global audience. The same crypto coins can be exchanged by clients from anywhere in the world, yet differences do emerge in terms of the verification process, and which documents customers need to provide.

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As a licensed crypto exchange, the brand puts an emphasis on AML/KYC, which is why you can find comprehensive instructions on how to get past this step. After completing the verification, customers can go ahead with a deposit and then exchange fiat for crypto, or vice versa.

For small amounts, fewer documents are required for verification. Deposits can be processed using credit/debit cards or bank wires. When exchanging fiat for crypto, the company sends the tokens to your personal crypto wallet once the transaction is settled.

User-friendly infrastructure

With Bitnomics clients can exchange Bitcoin and Ether. Their web platform is simple and convenient for everyone, even someone who hasn’t dealt with crypto thus far. On top of that, anytime questions arise, there are agents ready to provide more clarity.

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<span style=font size 8pt>buy and sell crypto with Bitnomics Source httpsbitnomicsco<span>

The main reason behind this simplicity is simple – Bitnomics strives to be a ‘go-to’ exchange for quick and hassle-free buying and selling of crypto. According to the exchange, the process is natural and instinctual, since cryptocurrencies were designed for mass adoption.

To reinforce security, this company also works only with reputable banks, payment service providers, and third-party service providers. This is critical when ensuring that the customer is the only one in full control of funds.

Customer support

Since not everybody knows exactly just how crypto works, Bitnomics seems to be paying close attention to customer support. The easiest and fastest way to talk with one of their agents is by using the live chat feature available during working hours.

At the same time, the exchange shares a phone number and a support email address. We’ve also noticed activity on several social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Put together, all the data we’ve gathered suggests that Bitnomics is a reliable and transparent crypto exchange platform. Not only because it’s a licensed entity, but also thanks to the attention given to user experience and security. Exchanging Bitcoin or Ether is now at hand for anyone who wishes to gain or reduce crypto exposure. Rates are competitive, and the company works only with trusted liquidity providers.