Axia Review

Axia is a regulated CFD broker that promises professionalism, trust, reliability and accuracy to anyone signing up. This brand is authorized by the FSA with license number SD034, which is why it can provide its services in a broad range of countries.

However, traders should know that this doesn’t mean anyone can open an account. If you read this review and decide that you want to open an account, you should read the specifications on the website first. Either way, with a regulatory background in place, Axia starts on the right foot. Let’s see what trading features make this broker suited for you in 2023.

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Trading The Markets With Axia

The simple vision embraced by Axia is to provide the ultimate trading experience. That means paying attention to every small detail, including asset coverage. With Axia, clients can access a wide list of CFDs based on currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Thus, traders with different expectations are satisfied with the offer and can switch from one asset class to another without a hassle. Also, it’s possible to build a diverse portfolio in order to balance risk properly.

Customized Trading Software

The trading platforms designed by Axia come with several important benefits. AxiaTrade is a browser-based solution tailor-made for desktops and laptops. It incorporates market sentiment analysis, trading signals, a section with the latest financial news, an economic calendar and other customized trading alerts.

Axia trading software

Similarly, AxiaTrade Mobile comes to satisfy mobile traders. This platform is provided in versions for both Android and iOS. Its main function is to act as a backup when traders are on the go, but still, need to know what happens in the markets.

Alongside proprietary software, MetaTrader 5 is the third platform of choice. MT5 continues to be a preferred option for many CFD traders simply because the solution is stable and secure. This platform needs to be installed on your devices, but there are versions for desktop or mobile downloadable from the web.

Knowledge Center

Not all traders have a prior trading background. One of beginners’ most commonly asked questions is ‘what are CFDs?’. Well, the knowledge center designed by Axia is meant exactly for that and other common questions, and it integrates easily digestible resources on topics such as:

  • Market research (financial news, articles and videos on technical analysis)
  • Trading tools (economic calendar and trading signals)
  • Trading books (beginner’s guide, advanced guide and cryptocurrencies)

That’s not all, though. Traders who decide to work with Axia can benefit from the support of an account manager, but that depends on the account type they choose.

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There are no doubts regarding Axia’s reliability, given it operates under the regulatory umbrella of the FSA. Moreover, traders who choose to sign up for an account benefit from strong financial protection, transparent privacy features and competitive trading conditions. Attractive spreads, flexible leverage, a welcome bonus on deposit and trading signals are just some of the benefits to name, and that’s why we decided to give it a good score.